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Usually, people who are suffering from high blood pressure of hypertension do not feel anything unusual. In other words, hypertension does not really cause any symptom. However, there are...

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Beauty Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most delicious and healthy snacks on the market. It is filled with vitamins and minerals essential to our health....

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Sugar Scrubs for Softer Skin

Who doesn't want to have soft and smooth skin all the time? There is a common misconception that applying lotions alone can do the...

7 Tips for Handling Color Treated Hair

If you are considering revamping your look, what you’ll most likely do is to change the color of your hair. This is quite normal...

Your Everything Guide to Apple Cider Vinegar

What’s with all the stuff about apple cider vinegar? If you haven’t been living under a rock, it’s pretty sure that you’ve encountered at...

The External/Internal Method of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is an effective and practical technique for getting to a deep state of relaxation. Self Hypnosis can be utilized with or without...

Natural Remedies for Beau’s Lines

Do you have light-colored bands or grooves that run across your nails? They are called beau's lines. Sometimes they form due to trauma to...

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Unexpected Benefits of Listening to Music

Everyone knows for a fact that listening to music is a very entertaining leisure pursuit. It's also something that can have a considerable impact on one's mood. If you are fond of...

What You Need To Know About Contouring

We’ve seen the sudden rise of countering and highlighting in the makeup industry. This technique was once only used by professional makeup artist in...

Foods That Fool the Stomach: Eat These to Feel Full

If you want to lose a few extra pounds, you have to reduce the amount of food you eat. And if you want to...

Tips on How to Look Your Best without Makeup

Makeup is always part and parcel of any woman's accessories but constantly applying these beauty products can take a toll on our skin. Sometimes,...

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