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It's easy for us to dismiss something healthy as not delicious or that it doesn't work because we don't see any changes to our body or our weight even....

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Stunning Toe Nail Art Designs to Try

Most of us focus on the nails on our hands when it comes to nail art but did you know that you can make...

Instant Mood Boosting Techniques to Make a Habit of

If you’re not living under a rock for many years now, then you’re fully acquainted to the reality that life as we all know...

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The Reasons Why You Should Use an Ovulation Calendar

To promote reproductive health and overall wellness, the use of an ovulation calendar is considered crucial among women. Keeping track of your ovulation time...

What Happens When You Stop Your Diet?

Most of us turn to ready-made diet plans to help us achieve a certain weight or because we want to improve our overall health. We restrict...

How to Clean Your Face Without Using Soap

When you switch to a more natural, gentler way of cleaning your face, it means, you’re staying away from potentially harmful chemicals that come...

Know These 5 Hormones That Mess With You Every Month

Do you experience mood swings, irrational crying fits, and out of the ordinary cravings? If once a month you experience some of these things,...

5 Best Beauty Tips for Thanksgiving You Should Know

Thanksgiving is already here! You should be preparing not just the foods and treats for the holiday season but also to look your best. Read...

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Signs of Liver Congestion

Our liver plays a role in our digestive system where it is responsible not only for digesting food but also for flushing out any toxins that are lingering in...

How to Lower Your Uric Acid

Did your doctor just tell you that the reason why your big toe is swollen and achy is that you are suffering from what's referred...

Homemade Face Wash Recipes to Try

It's not easy finding a facial wash that is appropriate for your skin what with the endless options being sold today. Most of us...

How to Choose the Best Underwear for Your Health

Underwear is one of the most bought and worn out piece of clothing that we have. When we go shopping for underwear one of...

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