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Your hair is an extension of who you are. It identifies you in a way, from its style, cut and color. So you must take care of your hair...

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Top Diet Plans for 2019

The new year has come which means that people will be checking out which diet trend is going to make it this year. This is...

Qualities of a Good Leader

In times of stress and despair, a person can either rise to the occasion, smiting the problem with the fist of an angry god,...

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Foods That Fool the Stomach: Eat These to Feel Full

If you want to lose a few extra pounds, you have to reduce the amount of food you eat. And if you want to...

8 Brilliant Exercise Alternatives When You are in Pain

The no pain, no gain mantra will no longer work in case you're harmed. Truth be told, inspiring yourself too hard when you are...

Why Pea Shoots Should be a Part of Everyone’s Diet

Peas are excellent sources of fiber and protein, and they are very popular ingredients for various side dishes. Are you aware that the young...

Shocking Beauty Uses of Ginger

Other than for cooking, ginger is also commonly employed for dealing with nausea and acid reflux. Did you know that this very common spice...

History of vegetarianism: Leo Tolstoy

It should be no surprise that the philosopher, novelist, and humanitarian Leo Tolstoy was an avowed vegetarian. By all accounts, he lived on a very...

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Recipe for Making Sesame Seed Butter (And Why Consume It, Too)

Have you already tried sesame seed butter in the not-so-distant past and now you can't get it out of your head? Instead of heading out to find a jar...

The Only Six Exercise Moves You Will Ever Need To Maintain A Healthy Spine

The back pain that you feel as a result of spine issues is commonplace in that 8 out of 10 people suffer from this...

Gluten Free Diet

If you are interested on going on a diet, you may have already done your research and found out about the gluten free diet. What...

Ascorbic Acid vs. Sodium Ascorbate: Which Vitamin C is Better?

Everyone knows that vitamin C is important for having your body defended against all sorts of infections and diseases. That's because it helps make...

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