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Have you ever noticed that you use more bottles of lotion, facial moisturizers, and sticks of lip balm during winter? It’s almost painful to speak because of cracked lips...

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Make up Don’ts for Your First

Congratulation you’ve got your first job! No matter what it is, most of us are required to apply makeup on. Especially for work that...

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What You Need To Know About Contouring

We’ve seen the sudden rise of countering and highlighting in the makeup industry. This technique was once only used by professional makeup artist in...

Walk Proud in High Heels With These 9 Tips Every Woman Must Know

High heels make women stand taller and gives that extra boost of confidence. They are not just considered to be a woman's best friend...

Folic Acid Rich Foods for Your Diet

Folic acid is a synthesized version of the vitamin folate which is usually found in fortified foods as well as supplements. Folate, on the...

5 Ways to Applying Skin Whitening Masks

Skin whitening masks are one of the best ways to improve one's skin condition. It might be that you have spent too much time...

Hairstyles that You Can Do Under 30 Seconds

When it comes to styling our hair, it takes us more than 10 minutes to achieve that perfect hairstyle depending on the type of...

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Practical and Creative Everyday Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one such product you can use for almost anything you think of! From household cleaning to defrosting your car’s windshield in seconds- rubbing alcohol has uses...

A New Twist on the French Twist up Dos

Hairstyles can be created by using different hair color, shades, shape, cuts, style and so on. Besides these you can also sculpt the hair...

Skin Ulcers: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

If you think that ulcers can only form in your stomach, better think again. The truth is they can also form on your skin....

Natural Remedies for Heart Flutters

Heart flutters are irregular beatings of the heart that make your ticker feel exactly just like that — fluttering. The good news is heart...

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