DIY Christmas Nail Art Designs You’ll Love

Can you feel the holidays already? The cold temperature, snow falling, colorful lights up and brightening the house inside and out, what more do you need to know that Christmas is finally here? There...

Natural Home Remedies to Banish Nail Fungus

How will you know if you have nail fungus? If your nails appear inflamed and has this thickening or yellowing color that raises the nail from the nail bed, and sometimes accompanied by pain,...

Best Christmas Nail Design Ideas

The Christmas season is finally here which means that you're probably thinking of what to wear on your holiday get-together. For sure, you already have an idea on what to wear and what to...

Common Causes of Yellow Nails

Perhaps you have heard from a friend or read on the internet that the color of your nails can reveal so much about what's taking place inside your body. Definitely, there is something wrong...

Plummer’s Nails: You Don’t Need to be a Plumber to Get Them

Even though it may look painful, having plummer's nails does not typically cause any pain. In addition, most cases of it are not serious. Despite of what it's called, anyone can end up with...

Common Reasons for Bluish Fingernails

Unless you painted your fingernails blue, then there is no reason for your fingernails to appear bluish. Doctors refer to the bluish discoloration of the fingernails as cyanosis. In most cases, having bluish fingernails...

Green Nails Syndrome: What You Should Know About It

Painting your nails green is perfect during St. Patrick's Day or when it's springtime. However, there is definitely a problem if your nails are green and you are quite sure you didn't apply green...

Quick Halloween Nail Art Designs

Halloween is about to get started and you've probably spent a week at least in getting your decors up and your outfit ready for your All Halloween's Eve party, but you're most likely missing...

Spooky DIY Nail Art Designs for HalloweenSpooky DIY Nail Art Designs for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and many are already thinking of what outfit they are going to wear for the parties that are sure to come. Zombies, witches, werewolves, Walking Dead casts, even...

Here’s What Will Happen If You Quit Biting Your Nails

Onychophagia is the fancy-sounding medical term for a really disgusting habit — nail biting. If you habitually nibble on your nails when you are feeling anxious or just downright bored, this article is made...

Tips on How to Make Your Manicure Last so Much Longer

Do you get a professional manicure once or twice a month only and that's why you like to make each one last for a very long time? Then this article is made exclusively for...

Australian Home Treatment for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus isn't really dangerous but it can be a source of embarrassment because it makes your nails appear thick and have discoloration too. It's a bit difficult to trim your nails when they...




Beauty Tricks You Can Do with a Spoon

Lots of ladies are into various beauty techniques so that they always look their best but sometimes, the techniques can be pretty overwhelming for...