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5 Healthy Oils That Help Combat Split Ends

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Trichoptilosis — it’s the fancy medical term for split ends, which is every girl’s nightmare. If left unmanaged, it’s something that can throw you into a perpetual bad hair day. And what’s the only way to get rid of split ends? Having the tip of each and every hair strand of yours chopped off!

However, trimming is not always a practicable and favorable solution to many, in particular those who are trying to grow their manes long.

Although there are numerous commodities on the current market that are said to be especially formulated to put a stop to split ends, not all female consumers have enough money for the super expensive price tags they carry. What’s more, not all of those products can meet expectations.

So what does a beauty- and cost-conscious girl like you should do to put an end to those split ends without ending up with a huge hole in the pocket? Resort to some healthy oils that are super effective for split ends, that is!

The following are 5 of the best healthy oils to count on if you are incessantly bugged by nightmarish split ends:

Coconut Oil

When the subject matter is using healthy oils for the attainment of lovelier hair, it’s for sure that coconut oil will be stated. That’s because coconut oil not only helps make one’s hair soft, shiny and moisturized, but also zaps scalp issues like dandruff and fungal infection that can keep a girl from having a lovely mane!

The use of coconut oil helps moisturize and nourish your hair strands, making them strong and healthy — and that’s basically all that is needed to keep those nasty split ends at bay.

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Castor Oil

Just like coconut oil, castor oil is capable of putting an end to a bout of dandruff and fungal infection effectively. But the hair-beautifying property of this healthy oil does not start and end there. If a few drops of castor oil are added to the carrier oil of your choice, it serves as a powerful zapper of split ends.

When shopping for castor oil in order to battle split ends, it’s a good idea to look for something that says on the label that it is 100 percent pure virgin castor oil for stellar results.

Olive Oil

Numerous listings of home remedies for various beauty issues have olive oil on them, which is something that you may employ if you are incessantly pestered by split ends. It nourishes your hair strands, while at the same time hydrates every tip to keep split ends from forming, and also prevent already present ones from progressing.

The use of olive oil is also ideal for those whose scalps are so dry that they usually feel itchy, as well as mar the mane with unsightly flakes which are actually dead skin cells.

Avocado Oil

Numerous beauty products for the hair contain avocado oil. This does not come as a shock because the said healthy oil is a phenomenal moisturizer of the hair, not to mention that it’s loaded with protein — your every hair strand is practically made up of protein entirely.

What’s so great about avocado oil is it can help put an end to split ends and at the same time stimulate the growth of hair, making it perfect for those who can’t wait to grow their tresses long.

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Jojoba Oil

This healthy oil is comparable to avocado oil in couple of ways. First, it’s also a staple ingredient in so many commodities formulated for super beautiful hair. Second, jojoba oil is an excellent fighter of split ends. Proponents of all-natural hair care say that jojoba oil may also be employed for dealing with scalp dryness and dandruff.

By the way, when asking the sales person where you can find a bottle of jojoba oil, make sure that you pronounce it in the right fashion — it’s not “jo-jo-ba”, but “ho-ho-ba!”

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