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Foods to Avoid If You Have Dry Skin

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Winter, hot baths, harsh soaps — we all know that these things can cause skin dryness. Did you know that what you eat can also cause your skin to end up dry as a bone? In this article, we will talk about some of the foods that you should considerably limit if dry skin is a cosmetic issue that you don’t want to come your way.

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Salty Treats

Every health-conscious individual knows very well that a diet that’s high in sodium is extremely bad for the heart. That’s because it can cause the blood pressure to increase. Such happens because sodium pulls water out of your cells and dumps them into your bloodstream — and some of those cells that are robbed of water are your skin cells.

If you want to fend off excessive skin dryness, stay away from anything that contains a lot of sodium. Besides, it’s not just your beauty that’s on the line, but also your cardiovascular system.

Vitamin A-Rich Stuff

First things first: it’s undeniably a wonderful idea for you to regularly include in your diet foods that contain vitamin A such as carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes and spinach — vitamin A is needed for eye and skin health.

Unfortunately, dermatologists confirm that too much vitamin A can be bad for your skin, especially its moisture level. The intake of vitamin A supplements, more often than not, is the reason why someone could be overdosing on vitamin A. Before you pop vitamin A capsules in your mouth, ask your doctor first if it’s really necessary.

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Sugary Delights

It’s no secret that having high levels of sugar in the bloodstream can increase your risk of diabetes or worsen it if you already have the disease.Are you aware that too much sugar in your body is also bad for your skin?

Dermatologists say that it can be blamed on inflammation, which is something that can accelerate the destruction of collagen — that structural type of protein that makes your skin soft and supple. If more collagen is destroyed than synthesized by the body, then all sorts of skin aging signs show up including unbelievably dry skin.


While it’s great for giving you instant energy, coffee can cause your skin to dry up in a snap. That’s because its caffeine content has diuretic properties — it can drive water out of your body. Skin care experts say that the skin-parching effects of coffee is at its worse if you have a cup of it on an empty stomach.

By the way, it’s not coffee per se that can be blamed for dry skin but caffeine. Needless to say, the intake of anything that has caffeine in it should also be limited if you want to keep your skin out of harm’s way.

Alcoholic Drinks

One more beverage that can keep you from sporting well-moisturized skin is alcohol. Just like everyone’s favorite cup of java, alcohol possesses diuretic properties. It’s exactly for this reason why you often step foot inside the bathroom to pee each time you’re drinking a lot of booze.

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It’s not just skin dryness that alcohol can bring but many other beauty issues, too. For instance, it can leave your complexion looking dull and lifeless as it can rob your skin cells of vitamins and minerals and replace them with toxins.

So if it seems like your skin is dry all the time despite of the fact that you are steering clear of environmental factors that can cause such,check your diet — perhaps it’s what you eat that’s making your skin shriveled.

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