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Signs That Tell You that You’re Not Drinking Enough

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In the midst of the summer heat, no one can really argue that nothing’s more refreshing than downing a cold glass of water. In fact, not a lot of people can deny that sometimes, a tall glass of water will prove more satisfying to consume than a bottle of soda or a cup of tea or coffee.  But despite the many benefits of water in our bodies, it is quite surprising that a lot of people are still struggling to drink it adequately on a daily basis.  By depriving the body of water, we are subjecting it to more harm than good.  And if you somehow experience any of the following symptoms below, that is your signal that your body needs water and you better correct the situation by drinking some.

  1. If you feel that your mouth is getting dry.

To many people, this should be a dead give-away that your body is getting parched; however it seems that the ramifications of being dehydrated is still a mystery to lots of individuals. Of course, the instinctive action once you feel that dry feeling in your mouth is to reach for some liquid. Water should be the best choice but most individuals tend to make the error of reaching for sugary or carbonated drinks. Sugar is a temporary fix to a much bigger problem. Drinking water is much better since it can keep your mouth and throat lubricated by producing ample amounts of saliva long after you’re done with your first sip.

2. You have dry skin.

The skin is your body’s largest organ, and like the other components of your system, it needs to be well hydrated. Exposure to elements can make your skin lose moisture which can leave it dry and cracked—not a pretty sight, honestly.  Plus, dry skin is a symptom which means that your body is getting dehydrated, and that can lead to graver things. So if you want to keep skin breaks-outs at bay, reach for that bottle of water and chug away.

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3. You’re feeling overly thirsty.

This is way serious than just having a dry mouth. Waking up with hang-over can make you feel excessively thirsty—a rather nasty feeling. It’s because alcohol dehydrates  the entire body, so you need to make sure to get water flowing into your system to make up for the fluid  loss especially when you’re out all night partying.

4. Your eyes are getting particularly dry.

Yes, inadequate levels of water in the body not only affect your mouth and throat but rather your entire system as well.  Lack of water will make you have blood-shot eyes and your tear ducts will dry up. Tears are your body’s way of making sure that dirt and germs don’t get transferred straight to your eyes—a sort of protection. Dry eyes can be painful too, so make sure that you drink lots of water to keep this event from happening.

5. You have joint pains.

The bones have cartilages and those cartilages (and spinal discs) have about 80% fluid in them.  The synovial fluid is what keeps your bones from grinding against each other and the loss of such can present you with agonizing joint pains.

6. Your muscle mass starts to decrease.

Muscles are comprised of mostly water, therefore, water loss equates to a decrease in muscle mass.  Drinking water during the course of your workout is one way to ensure that you keep those muscles hydrated plus it helps keep you feeling comfortable too. Proper hydration also ensures that you lower your chances of developing inflammation after your workout sessions.

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