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Beauty Products to Avoid – Dry Skin

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Throughout our life, our skin type will vary from dry, oily and combination. This can be caused by your environment, the weather, hormones, stress and so on. During these changes, we have to adapt and change the products we use too. Using the wrong products for our skin types can make it a lot worse. One of the most vulnerable skin type when it comes to product irritation is dry skin. We’ve asked a few leading dermatologist and beauty experts on the “what not to use products” for dry skin. Here are some of the products below.


Toners contain alcohol that can be incredibly drying to the skin. People with dry skin can use toners once in a while, but should be completely avoided during dry or cold weathers. Using toners too much can aggravate the skin and make it prone to irritation. Opt for natural toners to reduce drying of the skin.

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Cleansers that contain ammonium or sodium lauryl sulfate should be avoided. These ingredients can be aggravating to the skin and can even worsen dryness. You can check the ingredients of your cleanser if it contains this ingredient. Opt for cleansers that are cream based or contains more organic ingredients. This will be a lot gentler for the skin and can reduce dryness in the long run.

Facial Scrubs

Removing dry skin from time to time is important to prevent clogged pores. However, there are certain facial scrubs that is designed for hardcore exfoliating. Facial scrubs that contain bigger beads can be damaging to the skin and can cause bigger pores. If you combine this scrub with facial wash brushes it can cause the skin to be tender and irritated.

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Powder Based Makeup

Dry skin is more prone to skin irritation from long makeup wear. Using powder based makeup such as foundations, eyeshadows and blush. It is best to opt for cream type makeup since it is more hydrating on the skin and can reduce the appearance of dry skin and make it appear dewy.

Gel Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important beauty product you need to have if you have dry skin. However, gel based sunscreens is not applied to dry skin and is less effective. It can also fade a lot faster on dry skin. When picking out the sunscreen opt for cream based ones.

Heavy Scented Lotions

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If you like wearing lotions that can be smelled a foot away and you have dry skin, this is a habit you need to drop. Heavy scented lotions tend to be a lot less effective on dry skin due to its higher alcohol content.

If you suffer from dry skin, it is incredibly important to hydrate the skin. Make sure to always moisturize your skin and exfoliate once a week. Dry brushing every night can help remove dry and flaky skin. This practice can also help with circulation, making your skin a lot healthier. Drink water every few hours and avoid staying under the sun too long.

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