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20 Genius Concealer Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

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There are many ways to make use of concealer. You just have to know the tips and tricks so you can cover your blemishes, dark eye-circles and more. Read on below to learn some of these tricks.

1. Base and Concealer

Always remember to apply foundation first before applying your concealer. This way you don’t have to use a much concealer because concealer tends to get off while applying foundation.

2. Triangle Strokes

Drawing a triangle shape under your eye pointing to your cheek is the best way to conceal dark eye circles. This can also create the illusion that your face is lifted.

3. Prime Eyelids

Don’t want to spend money for an extra eye primer? Then apply a dab of concealer in your eyelids.

4. Green Concealer

To hide a pimple, apply a green concealer on the pimple using a clean brush to avoid spreading the bacteria. Then cover the surrounding area with a concealer that matches your skin tone to hide the pimple.

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5. Skin Tone Concealer

To hide a pimple on your chest or back it is advisable to use a skin concealer that is exactly similar to your skin tone. Then alternate applying concealer and setting powder until you can’t hardly see the blemish.

6. Alternative Concealer

Don’t have your concealer with you? Then a liquid foundation will do. Just apply a small dot of liquid foundation and wait until it thickens a bit before blending it out.

7. V Strokes

Did not get enough rest? Here’s a simple solution, apply a concealer with color slightly lighter than your skin tone. Line 3 tiny sections of your eyes, the middle section of eyelid, “inner V” and below your brow bone.

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8. Orange or Peach-colored Concealer

You can also hide dark eye-circles by using your ring finger. Apply pressure using your ring finger by dabbing a peach or orange colored concealer under your eye. Then top it off using a cover-up that is similar to your skin tone.

9. Concealer Colors

Familiarize yourselves with the uses of different colored concealers. Green concealer hide red blemishes, peach to cancel bruising or blue circles and yellow to correct uneven skin tones.

10. Puffy Eyes

Hide tired or puffy eyes using a concealer, cream and highlighter. Mix the three at the back of your hand, apply them under your eyes on the outside of your temples and over your brow bone.

11. Blot

If your concealer looks cakey after some time, use a tissue to prevent and remove excess oil.

12. Eyeliner Mistake

Want to cover your eyeliner mistake or have cat-eyes? Simply dipped your angled brush in a concealer to correct the mistake instead of starting over.

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13. Lipstick

To make your lips look sharp and prevent color from spreading, line the outside of your lips with a concealer using fine-tip brush.

14. Plump Lips

Have that plump lips effect by applying a light concealer in the middle section of your lips, then blending it out using your fingertip and finishing it up with a nude lip gloss.

15. Reshape Lips

Reshape your lips by applying concealer and tracing them outside your natural lip line with a liner pencil and then finish it with a gloss.

16. Brows

Line your brows above and below with a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Then using your fingertip blend them to soften and diffuse them than a brush would.

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17. Going-Out Make-up

To magnify your going-out makeup contour and highlight your facial features using two concealers. One two shades lighter than your skin and the other one two shades darker. Use a pencil concealer to make the contouring easier. Apply the lighter shade concealer on the areas that naturally catch light and the darker ones in the areas that are naturally shaded. Use a brush to blend.

18. Collarbone

To intensify your collarbone, apply a concealer that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone and then by highlighting them with concealer that is two shades lighter. The lighter shade
goes to the areas that protrude outward while the darker shade will be use to fill the sections that fall in the shadows. Using a sponge blend the shades together to eliminate any harsh lines.

19. Tinted Moisturizer

Mix your daily face lotion and concealer to create a tinted moisturizer. This will help in hydrating your skin while adding that subtle tinted touch.

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20. Different Concealer

You should at least keep one kind of concealer in your makeup kit. You never know when you will need these concealers for the different areas in your face.

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