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For Beauty’s Sake: Would You Rub Raw Beef on Your Face?

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Women have been known to try some really weird and strange things for beauty’s sake. But have any you tried using beef fat as body moisturizer? Well believe it or not this new beauty treatment is getting quite popular these days.

This is not the first weird beauty thing women tried for beauty’s sake. Our ancestors have used Botox a toxic bacteria, bee venom, urine and placenta in the past. But using beef fat or tallow is the most recent thing being used for beauty these days.

So let’s start with the facts:

It has been stated that our ancestors have used beef fat or tallow in making lip balms, cleaners, soap, candles, and even lotions. There were no chemicals used in the process as they are all natural.

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Proponents of this beef beauty also says that in using the beef fat or tallow you must go for the pastured or grass fed cows and use only the fat. Expert dermatologists also says that beef fat contains skin nourishing ingredients such as soluble vitamins A, D, K and E, anti-inflammatory conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and anti-microbial palmitoleic acid which make it a good thing to use as moisturizer.

They further stated that the beef fat is definitely moisturizing because of its fatty acid components but any other claims for it’s antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory or anti-aging effects has no scientific basis.

So let’s remember that! And would you rub beef fat on your face for beauty’s sake? It’s a tough choice! But it’s your choice! Ladies would you try this?

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