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Hair Care Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

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Our hair adds to our overall look and which means that we need to take steps to ensure that our mane looks healthy all the time. Of course, there will be bad hair days, or we made a wrong decision with our hair style. Whatever it is that makes our hair look the worse for wear, it may be that the culprit lies in our hair care routine. Who would have thought that we are making some mistakes when it comes to our hair?

If you want to be able to show off your beautiful hair all the time, then these hair care mistakes must be avoided.

Using harmful hair products

There is nothing wrong with trying to save a buck or two when it comes to your hair care products, but you may get one that is loaded with harsh chemicals that are stripping your hair of their natural oils. Check the list of ingredients in the bottle and look for sodium lauryl sulfate which can actually weigh your hair down. Avoid it as much as possible.

Using the wrong towel

You may be among those who dry their hair with any towel that they have on hand. If you tend to rub your hair vigorously and twisting it up in a turban, you are causing more damage to your hair. Keep in mind that your hair is fragile when wet.  Using terry cloth towels are not recommended as the fiber can easily pull at your hair strands. A better option would be to look for a microfiber towel to blot the excess moisture from your hair easily.

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Mixing hot and cold

A lot of us are guilty of styling our hair while it is still wet. Unfortunately, hot and cold don’t mix, especially when it comes to your hair. You see, applying heat on your wet hair can compromise their cell structure, thus leaving them prone to breakage. A better option would be to dry your hair completely first, before you go style it. For added protection, add a heat protective serum prior to styling your hair with hot tools.

Leaving split ends alone

If you are growing your hair long, and you’ve noticed that split ends are forming, don’t ignore as some people do. Leaving your split ends on their own can only damage your hair further. Most hair experts recommend that you give your hair a trim, while others recommend applying Argan oil to help revive your dry and damaged hair.

Shampooing your hair daily

We all want to have a clean and fragrant smelling hair all the time, but when your wash and shampoo your hair frequently, you are stripping your hair of its natural oils which can leave them dry and prone to breakage. Most hair types can withstand getting washed two or three times a week. On the other hand, if your hair is quite oily, or you exercise and sweat a lot daily, showering every other day is allowed.

Teasing hair too much

Some women tease their hair to add volume to it, and although this does the trick of making your hair look great, doing it regularly is a mistake that we end up paying with damaged hair strands. Backcombing, as it is commonly called, can damage the cuticles of your hair. Instead of adding volume, what you will end up is frizzy hair. Fortunately, there are volumizing shampoos and hair sprays that can do the job of making your hair look fuller, so you might want to look into these options.

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