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How to Use Melatonin Safely to Treat Insomnia

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Insomnia is something this generation is suffering from. A lot of people find themselves up at night searching for the sandman to no avail. There are multiple reasons why this happens, most of the time it is due to distraction. Things like the internet, video games and our phones keep us up at night. Instead of us sleeping when we are supposed to we find ourselves browsing through the internet or through the television for something to kill boredom. Studies have shown that there are quite a lot of people suffering from insomnia. Ironically speaking I also happen to be one of them.

Sleep is something cherished by a lot of us, while it is something others crave for. I use the word crave because, they can’t seem to be able to sleep at night. So, what could be the cause of this tragedy? Is it that you aren’t trying hard enough? Or what could be the problem? Here are some of the most common problems of why people cannot sleep at night.

– Over thinking, when your brain cannot rest most likely your body cannot do the same. If your mind is occupied about something that is stressing, you then you won’t be able to sleep. Regardless of how hard it may sound it is advised to clear your mind to facilitate a proper sleeping cycle.

– Maintaining a proper sleeping cycle, if you are the type that cannot control your daily schedule then this is probably one of the reasons why you cannot sleep. Growing up as kids we were all scheduled to sleep at a certain time of the night. In the long run our body gets used to that schedule and we find ourselves falling asleep during said time simply because it is a daily habit. Those who work different shift for different days will have a hard time with this because they do not chose when to sleep. You just get to sleep when you can, and if your body isn’t tired, there’s a great chance you’d find yourself tossing and turning in bed.

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– You could lack melatonin. Some of you might ask, what is melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland. This is supposed to help the human body in various ways, and sleeping is also one of those. There is a reason why we are supposed to sleep at night, this is because this hormone that is supposed to put us to bed works solely in darkness. If you happen to lack melatonin, it isn’t hard to tell and here’s why;

Melatonin is a very important hormone, yet a lot of us know nothing about it. If you lack melatonin in your body these are the most common symptoms.


– Exhaustion

– Mood disorders

– Inability to stay alert


These are just a few of the symptoms one can be experiencing with melatonin imbalance. Along with this the inability to sleep. So, by now most of you reading this would probably wonder if you lack melatonin in your system and it is been created by the pineal gland. How do you go about this?

There is no need to worry, this is because melatonin can be found in health stores or pharmacists. Medicine experts have found a way to have melatonin extracts in the form of a pill. These usually come with different dosages, depending on how bad your sleep deprivation. Consulting with a specialist is advised prior to getting any high dosage as it may cause side effects to a certain few.

Not being able to sleep should never be taken lightly. When you can’t sleep it doesn’t only affect your mood but it also affects your daily activities. You would find yourself feeling very sluggish throughout the day and generally in a bad mood. The main reason most doctors would suggest melatonin is because it is natural and it poses literally no harm to the body, unless abused. Anything that is over done is always bad.it is advised to take melatonin until your body clock has been corrected. Once this is done, you do not have to continue with the treatment as your body might grow dependent of the pill.

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If you do not want to go about the pill, there are also several ways you can make the melatonin being produced in your body be more effective. Knowing that we already have melatonin being secreted, the idea now is just to boost the production of this hormone. There are several ways one can do so like;

– Being exposed to the sunlight

– Sleeping in complete darkness

– Trying not to use alarm clocks

– Taking a warm shower right before you hit the sack

-Stay away from your phone

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