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Makeup Hacks for Girls Wearing Glasses

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Wearing glasses can certainly help you see your surroundings much better but the problem is having to wear makeup underneath. Glasses have the tendency to make the eyes appear smaller while highlighting problem areas such as the bluish green veins under the eyes. Not only that, the shadows they cast can make your eyes appear tired which can age you too.

Fortunately, you can get around wearing glasses by learning a few makeup hacks like the ones below.

Use concealer. Like it was mentioned before, glasses can create shadows which is why it is a good idea to apply some concealer on the outer corner of the eyes. First, you should fill your brows so that they will be visible over the frames of your glasses. Apply concealer on the outer and inner corners of the eyes then line the top to add more definition. Don’t forget to apply face powder on the lids of your eyes before and after concealer to prevent smudging.

Apply eyeshadow correctly. If you want to add shadows to your eyes, you need to take into account that your glasses can already create shadow. Wearing darker shadows can only make your eyes look tired or sunken which won’t do you any good. A better option would be to opt for light or neutral shades so that your eyes will appear bright. On the other hand, if you don’t want to give up on your dark shadows yet, look for eye glasses that have bigger frames so that your eyes will be more visible so you can play with the colors.

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Volumizing mascara works. Lengthening your eyelashes with a mascara is all well and good but not when you are wearing glasses since it can leaves smudges. You can still make your lashes long and thick by using a waterproof, volumizing mascara instead. This way, your eyes will still have that smoky effect that can enhance your overall look even while you are wearing eye glasses.

Eyeliners can be used. If you want to wear eyeliner, a good rule of thumb would be the thickness of the frames that you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing glasses with thin frames, apply a thin amount of eyeliner. On the other hand, thicker frames will require thicker eyeliner to make more impact. Don’t forget to practice your tightlining as much as possible since the spaces between your liner and your lashes will get highlighted once you slip on your eye wear.

Nude and white liners can make your eyes pop. The problem with wearing glasses is that your eyes may look smaller than their normal size which means that you need to find a way to make your eyes appear bigger. Fortunately, nude and white liners can do the trick. Just apply your choice of nude or white eyeliner on the bottom water line so that your eyes will pop. This trick is quite useful especially when you are wearing glasses.

Corrector can help. Under eye discoloration tends to become more visible when you are wearing glasses which is why you need to make sure that you correct and conceal the problem areas first. Although it is quite tempting to put plenty of concealer on the affected areas, start with a corrector before applying concealer to minimize the appearance of bluish-green veins under the eyes. 

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Just because you are wearing eye glasses it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear makeup properly. The tips mentioned above are worth trying out if you want to make sure that your eyes remain as dazzling as before.

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