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5 Healthiest Spices in the World

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Health experts are finding new ways in which spices, the ones that you normally skip when cooking, can contribute to our overall health. Studies have shown that there was something behind the popularity of spices back in the days as researchers discovered that these ingredients can actually prevent various health problems like Alzheimer’s and the like.

Although further research is still required to determine which spices can actually treat major illnesses, the effects of certain spices have already been recorded. Here are five of the best and healthiest spices that you can use the next time you cook a meal.

  1. Herbalists recommend sipping tea made from sage if you have sore throat or even upset stomach to ease the discomfort. You can even spray sage on your sore throat to alleviate the symptoms. What’s more, preliminary research showed signs that the herb may be able to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. This herb is also found to be effective in improving one’s brain function particularly in memorization.
  1. Turmeric paste is often used in India to treat wounds so that they will heal faster. They even sip turmeric tea to clear up any respiratory issues such as colds. Recent studies showed that the compound curcumin which is present in turmeric contains anti-inflammatories as well as antioxidants that help relieve any pain such as from dental operations, arthritis, as well as injuries. Scientists are also studying its effects when it comes to regulating heart problems, Alzheimer’s, as well as diabetes.
  1. You’ve probably seen pictures of Greek scholars wearing garlands of rosemary when studying to improve their brain function. Well, it appears that there is something behind this habit especially when recent studies showed that people actually perform better in terms of memory as well as stay alert when they inhale the scent of rosemary. Adding this herb to meat, poultry, and other dishes is believed to make your dish healthier as it prevents cancer-causing bacteria from thriving in your food.
  1. Cinnamon was quite popular during the reign of King Solomon and is used by the Romans and Greeks to help alleviate indigestion while improving their appetite. There are some studies that show how useful a teaspoon of cinnamon is to those who have Type 2 Diabetes since it prevents your blood sugar from spiking.
  1. This spice is often used to relieve stomach pains and colds but scientists are hopeful that the anti-inflammatory compounds present in ginger can be helpful in fighting pain due to arthritis as well as certain types of cancer. Aside from these, ginger extracts are found to be quite effective in alleviating nausea when pregnant or after undergoing surgery. However, ginger isn’t really that effective when it comes to motion sickness.
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Who would have thought that the spices that you usually have in your kitchen actually has numerous health benefits? Try experimenting on your spices when cooking and you might be surprised to find how delicious your meals are instead of using salt.

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