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You Should Quit Sugar Now

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We all want to lose weight but the idea of giving up on our favorite sweet treats is often met with resistance. For sure, you’ve probably tried quitting eating foods that are high in sugar but there is a high chance that you did not last long. If you want to curb your addiction to sweet stuff, it might be a good idea to read our reasons why quitting sugar is a must.

  • It can repair your impaired memory and learning abilities. A study that was conducted by UCLA showed that those who follow a high-fructose diet tend to have impaired mental faculties. Eating too much sweets can make it difficult for you to remember lessons or rack your brain to find a memory. Fortunately, cutting back or quitting eating sugar altogether can prevent this from happening as well as eating foods that are high in omega-3.
  • It can reverse or prevent your insulin resistance or diabetes. There is a common misconception that diabetes or insulin resistance is simply caused by being overweight. Although weight gain can play a part in this health issue, eating too much sweets can also do damage as well. Keep in mind that what we eat can play a part in our health so if you want to avoid or reverse the damage of your sweet habits, try quitting getting your sugar fix.
  • It can reduce tooth decay. There have been studies that show the correlatioin between too much sweets and tooth decay. However, maintaining your intake of sugar to just 5% of your diet shows that it can prevent cavities from appearing too.
  • It prevents premature hunger. Do you often find yourself constantly hungry? This might be due to your intake of sweets because the sugar can affect your blood sugar levels. Eating sweets can give you that energy jolt but the crash can reduce you to feeling hungry. Reducing or quitting sugar consumption means that your blood sugar levels will remain normal throughout the day so you won’t be tempted to eat another bite during mealtime or have two or three snacks in between meals.
  • It can maintain a healthy gut flora. Our gut flora plays a huge role in our digestive system. Unfortunately, foods that contain sugar can alter your gut flora within a day which can put you at risk of poor immune system, inflammation, and even imbalances in your digestive system. Quitting now means preserving the healthy environment in your stomach so that it will be easier for your digestive system to process the food that you eat.
  • It will boost your mood. Most of us turn to sweets when we are feeling down because the sweet taste can easily boost our mood. Unfortunately, when your sugar high disappears after a few hours, your mood will turn sour as well. Quitting your sugar addiction means that it will be easier for you to regulate your mood and your energy levels too since your blood sugar remains steady.
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