Home Remedies to Speed Up Repair of Damaged Hair

Our hair can get easily damaged these days what with the constant exposure to the sun, the use of styling tools, and constantly coloring our hair that we subject it to. And when our hair...

Tips on How to Make Your Hair Brass-Free

Changing your hair color to blonde or brunette can be a huge commitment. After all, dyeing your hair into a new color means that you’ll be staying a few hours in the salon, having...

Tips on How to Care for Your Long Hair

Growing your hair long may be on your mind lately, but are you ready for maintaining it? Compared to shorter tresses, having long, flowing hair can require more care and maintenance, particularly if the texture...

Get Rid of Oily and Greasy Hair Using Home Remedies

Our hair can be our pride and joy as it helps frame our face adding to our overall beauty. You’ve probably spent a lot of money on various hair products just to keep your...

Summer Hair Tips for Your Curly Hair

Summer is in the air, and with it, the desire to let our hair down and just enjoy the warm temperature by the waters with your family and friends. This can be something simple...

Tips on How to Care for Your Baby’s Hair

Some babies are born with a shock of thick hair, while others only have a few strands of hair on their head. Well, there is nothing for you to worry about as your little...

Supplements that Can Make Your Hair Healthier

Women are always conscious of how they look from their head all the way to their toes that anything that is out of place drives them crazy at times. And when it comes to...

Banish Itchy Scalp this Summer with Home Treatments

Most of us are eager for summer to arrive so that we can enjoy the outdoors even more, but aside from getting the tan that you’ve been dreaming off since winter, summer also means...

Tips on How to Protect Your Hair from Chlorine

Most of us are eager to get started with the summer by setting up our own pool in our backyard to swim on, or drive to the nearest resort for that matter just to...

A Guide to Having Healthy Hair This Summer

Summer is one of the most awaited seasons of the year which is not surprising given that this is where we get to chance to enjoy the cool waters of the ocean and even...

Unusual Solutions for an Oily Scalp

Having an oily scalp is a very common problem. If you're someone who doesn't like very common home remedies for it, then you're in luck — below you will come across some of the...

Revive Sun Damaged Hair with These Tips

When the summer season finally arrives, most people will be flocking to the beaches, and resorts, to cool themselves down in the water. Also, many will be wanting to get tanned for that bronze glow....




Nail Trends to Watch Out in 2019

Doing our nails may not be as an eye-catching piece as having a new hairdo or even wearing a new outfit, but they do...

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