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How Your Hair Color Can Slim Your Face

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Do you ever wonder why sometimes people think you’re thin and sometimes fat? Not because your weight changes but because you change the color of your hair.

Color combination can have a slimming effect in your face, just like your clothes to your body. Darker colors can have a thinning effect and brighter clothes can make you look more wider.

Just like hairstyles affect the shape of your face, so do colors can do the trick to slim your face.

Better Focus

Focusing on the face, hair color gives a perception if you look slim or wide. The darker colors tend to slim down, while the lighter tones appear wider. A single unified haircolor is one option. Another are highlights that can also help and last for at least three months.

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Shading: Applying shades to your hair, if you have a round face and you’re blonde, the lighter shades focus will be emphasized.

Highlights: Color is separated, the strands are either light or dark to have contrast. This technique is really applicable for round face for slim effect.

For Blondes Only

Blonde hair imparts a wider effect, so if your skin tone is pale or somewhat pinkish then blue eyes is a bit odd if you change into brunette. Experts advise not to choose a hair color that will clash with your natural complexion, so better ask for better shades or other options.

Facial frame: Another technique use is facial framing where the highlights is concentrated on the lower portion of your hair from the ears down. Thus helping to mask the width.

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Strategic lights: Use lighter highlights at the top and darker shades at the bottom of your head.

Lowlights: Also like highlights using foil or balayage which best suits chubby or round faces. It is also suitable for blondes by choosing a darker blonde or ash tone for depthness. Then the darker shade will be applied on certain strands, thus making the face slimmer.


When trying to find the right shades of color for your hair, find someone who is an expert in both hair cut and hair color. Professional hairdressers attend training and advanced classes to be able to identify and give the right hair color that suits you, as well as lighten or make your face appear slimmer.

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