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Fight Fatigue during Pregnancy

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Fatigue during pregnancy is a symptom that most women experience at some point in their pregnancy. This is common during the first trimester of pregnancy and can come and go within the day. Some women can be caught off guard on how much it can affect them. Some women experience this so often that they are unable to focus, is unable to work or can give in to sleep at unsuitable times. This can greatly affect your day to day activity and can cause you to miss out on a lot of things. To help you fight pregnancy fatigue, we’ve compiled some of the best re-energizing and prevention tips you can use during your pregnancy that are safe and effective.

Power Nap

Your power nap will be your best friend during this period of pregnancy. Some people tend to wake up not so fresh after a nap. However, you can fix this with timing. Sleeping for about 20 minutes is enough to re-energize you, but if you really want enough rest – opt for a two-hour power nap. Anything shorter or longer can make you cranky. Take a nap if you are really tired. Remember, you are not only eating for two but also sleeping for two. Allow your body to catch up and sleep a few minutes or add more to your regular sleep schedule.


Some people are still unable to sleep even when they have fatigue. You do not really need to sleep to regain your energy, simply relaxing and taking a few minutes to recover. Sit down, breathe, sip on a drink and relax. You’ll notice a significant change in your energy. Stress can also cause your fatigue or make it worse. If you are struggling with stress, take the day off. Stress is not good for you and your baby. Get a light massage, a manicure, watch a movie, do some prenatal yoga, basically anything that will help reduce your stress level.

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Hydration can be a problem during pregnancy. Women tend to urinate more during pregnancy. This can cause dehydration. One of the few effects of dehydration is weakness, lack of concentration and dizziness that can appear as fatigue. Try adding more cups of water to your regular consumption and see if there is a change in your energy levels. If you prefer, you can add energy boosting ingredients to your water, such as lemon slices, herbs, cucumber and other fruits.

Sleep Better

During pregnancy, you will struggle with a few bumps when you sleep such as tossing and turning, inability to stay in one position for a long time, constant need to stand up and pee and so on. All of these things are affecting your quality of sleep. Do what you can to improve it such as buying special body pillow that can help support your back and belly. Reduce water intake before sleep. Sleeping in a more comfortable bed.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Some people would say that sugar can help increase energy. Yes, it can for a short period of time. After that your blood sugar will drop and cause you to feel more exhausted. Simple carbs are metabolized a lot faster, causing you to lose energy faster. If you want to increase your energy levels and fight fatigue, opt for complex carbs such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt and lean protein. This is a great way to boost energy levels, reducing pregnancy fatigue.

Fix Your Schedule

If you are someone that is always on the go, even during your pregnancy – give yourself some time and fix your schedule. Your priority should be your health and your baby. Being over worked, having too much to do and overexerting yourself will lead to fatigue and can greatly affect your child. It’s fine to do a bit of chores here and there, but doing tremendous activities all day every day can lead to serious health risk.

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What causes pregnancy fatigue? The answer is simple. Think about it this way. Imagine walking when you weren’t pregnant to point A to point B, seems simple right. Now, imagine walking the same distance carrying a backpack filled with books? Seems a lot more tiring right? Because it is. The extra weight you are carrying, the sudden changes in your body and the spiking of your hormones can greatly affect your energy levels and endurance. Most of your energy are used up to protect and nurture your child. So, take some time off and give yourself a break. We want this pregnancy to be as uncomplicated as possible. Follow these tips and keep safe!

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