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How to Remove Saddlebags

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Are you carrying that extra padding around the butt and even the upper parts of your quads? You are not alone because there are quite a lot of women who have to deal with the saddlebags on their own. Unfortunately, there is no instant solution to making this extra layer of fat disappear overnight because you really need to work on it. The good news is that you can make healthier and better decisions with regards to your diet and exercises to say good bye to your saddlebags. Here are some diet and exercises for you to try.

  • Step-ups. This beginner move is a good place to start for those who are just starting to workout. You will need a bench, box, or stairs to do this exercise. What you need to do is to step in front of the equipment with your feet at hip width apart and hands at hips. Tighten your core then step up on the bench with your left foot first followed by your right. Go back to your first position and repeat 20 times before switching to the other leg.
  • Ditch the bad carbs. It’s true that your body needs carbsbut not the bad ones. Instead of carbs from pasta and white rice, choose carbs that come from whole grains like quinoa and brown rice. The latter contains more fiber which can settle in your stomach for hours while helping regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Side lunge to curtsy. Going back to exercises, this one will definitely tone your glutes and quads. To start, hold a dumbbell with your left hand then do a side lunge towards your right while lowering the weight to the floor. Try to lower your butt as much as you can and keep your right knee at 90 degrees as much as possible. Push off from your right foot then go into a curtsy lunge by moving your right foot at the back of your left leg. Go down into a curtsy as you push the weight upwards. Go back to your starting position and repeat 10 times before switching to the other leg.
  • Choose healthy fats. Eating fats may sound contradictory to what you are trying to achieve but we are putting emphasis on the “good” rather than the usual bad fats that we often eat. Good fats are those that help improve our heart’s health including removing your hated saddlebags. Eating healthy fats like the ones that you find in avocados can reduce your cholesterol levels so that less fat will remain. Aside from avocados, you can also get healthy fats from salmon, nuts, and olives.
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It is understandable that you want to get rid of your saddlebags which is why, by following the steps above, you will be able to get started on the right track. Constant exercise and watching what you eat can yield some amazing results for sure.

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