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Prevent Chaffing When Wearing Dresses

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There are seasons where we prefer our hemline to be shorter and dresses a bit looser. This is also the season where most women experience the uncomfortable feeling of thigh chafing. This becomes a lot worse when we have a tendency to wear skirts or dresses. Why are you more prone to chafing when wearing a dress? This is due to the lack of fabric in the thigh area to reduce friction and thigh rubbing. This combined with sweating can leave women annoyed and sore. However, this does not mean you should put off wearing dresses and skirts. We have to admit this is incredibly comfortable, especially during the hot and humid seasons. No need to put on your pants! There are several ways to help prevent thigh chafing while you wear your favorite dress and skirts. Read on to find out which of these solutions best fits your day to day activity.

Dusting Powder

There are specifically made dusting powder to prevent thigh chafing. These are incredibly light on the skin and does not affect your clothes whatsoever. This can also come in scented and unscented versions. If you don’t really want to splurge on anything, try using baby powder. The baby powder can remove moisture in your thighs reducing friction. You may need to reapply every few hours, but this can be the easiest and cheapest way you can reduce chafing. Talcum powder is the best type of powder to reduce chaffing. Though, it can get on your clothes and can disappear in a few hours if you have oily skin. There are different brands that have anti-chaffing powder and gels that can help you out, but you do need to find one that your skin can adapt to.

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Elastic Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands

Yes, this does exist and it is incredibly helpful. It is a fashionable and comfortable way to reduce chafing. It is amazing lace bands that you just put on when you feel like wearing a skirt or a dress. The banded material of these clothing items can keep it in place. The soft texture can also remove friction. It can be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it. You can even use it when wearing shorts or pants to prevent rough fabrics from grazing the skin. If you don’t want to splurge, leggings, and any type of smooth and thin fabric can work too. Make sure to pick items that is shorter by 3 inches than your skirt or dress to prevent peek-a-boos.

Boxer Briefs

This item is technically for men, but it can be easily used by women. If you’re planning on a bit of sexy time, then maybe this isn’t for you. Though, this can be such a huge innovation. It’s technically underwear and anti-chaffing at the same time. This is great for women who do not like wearing tight fitting shorts to reduce chafing. This is also one of the most comfortable remedy to prevent chaffing.

Undergarment Shorts

Undergarment shorts serve a lot of purpose. Beside reducing chaffing, it can also help prevent an embarrassing situation when a sudden gush of wind decides to blow your dress up. Though, you have to be careful with some undergarment shorts since some of them can promote excessive sweating. Pick ones that are breathable and light and won’t visible under tight skirts.

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This is probably one of the quickest and easiest thing you can do to prevent thigh chafing. Antiperspirant spray can reduce or even remove sweat on your thighs. Apply a good amount on your thighs and even beyond it and wait for it to completely dry and apply another coat. It is best to apply it before you got to sleep since it does take a while before antiperspirant activate on the skin.

Anti-Chafe Balm

This amazing anti chaffing product was initially created for runners and cyclers to prevent chafing. However, a lot of chaffing sufferers have spoken on the effectiveness of such products. It is a not greasy, drying to the skin and has no foul odor. It works for all genders. You can even use it in other areas that are prone to chafing, such as the buttocks, arm, stomach and armpits. Most of these products are designed for everyday use and is safe on the skin.

If you are already suffering from severe chaffing, make sure to apply chafing relied powder or gel every few hours. Reduce the friction in your thighs to prevent it from getting worse. If you’re chafing has become too inflamed and painful, go to your dermatologist and ask for a cream or medication to reduce the problem. What do you do to reduce chafing? Share it with us!

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