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Colorless Makeup Products You Need for That Perfectly Polished Look!

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Did you know that the trick to applying makeup perfectly, begins with products that has no color at all? From lip liners to powders, colorless makeup products are necessary in your makeup collection, for that perfect and polished look.

They’re important for prepping up and finishing off a make-up application, more so when you are in a rush. Below are some must have colorless cosmetic products that you need:

1. Colorless Lip Liner

Colorless lip liner, primes your lips for lipstick application. It also defines the edges of your lips, preventing the color from bleeding.

2. Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primers are important for prolonging the wear of your eyeshadow. Just a little application of this colorless product and this will make your eyeshadow appear more vibrant, it will apply more smoothly and will stay put all day long.

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3. Colorless Powder

A translucent powder is an important must-have for your makeup stash. It works to set your makeup in place, just like a regular powder. Since it is colorless, your foundation color doesn’t change upon application or throughout the day.

4. Makeup Finishers

Makeup finishers are good for mattifying the face, to prolong the wear of foundation, reduce the appearance of pores and freshen up your makeup after a long day. They are usually lightweight, clear and applied with a sponge in a patting motion.

5. Clear brow gel

Brow gels come in different clear-styles, fibered or tinted. Swiping a bit of clear brow gel through your brows and combing the hairs into place, after filling them in will get your whole look together.

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You can also use them on days when you’re feeling lazy, but still want to have that polished look. Putting some into your bare brows will make them appear more defined and fuller.

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