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6 Surprising Causes of Headaches

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Headaches are so unpredictable. You may try to predict how severe and when it will happen but it’s not always the case.

There are also different causes of headache for each individuals. But some researches have proven the most common and surprising causes of headaches.

Let’s find out what they are:

1. Skipping meals

Hunger is a common headache trigger. So make sure you don’t skip meals.

2. Mild dehydration

A night of heavy drinking can cause head pain. But even a mild drop in your hydration levels can cause headaches. It can even damage your ability to think clearly and your mood.

3. Sleep deprivation

Studies have shown that those who got an average of six hours sleep per night, tends to have more severe headaches, compared to those who got more sleep.

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4. Work deadlines

Did you notice that your head starts to throb at the worst possible time? Like when you need to get things done or you a have a deadline to beat? Studies have shown that stress can cause tension headaches. Though the links between stress and headache are complex, there are ways to help fight stress. A good example is yoga.

5. Lightning

Stormy days have been linked to higher rates of headaches due to nitrogen dioxide. NO2 is produced by the bright flash of light caused by electrostatic reaction.

6. Heavy traffic

Stress is a known headache kick-starter. We all know that sitting in traffic is stressful, most especially if you’re running late, but this is not the reason for your headache. The nitrogen oxide that is released by the vehicle exhaust into the air is the reason. Researches from Israel and Canada have proven the linked that constricting blood vessels and NO2—by stoking inflammation leads to higher rates of headaches.

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