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Must Try Lipsticks for Fall

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Upgrading one’s wardrobe is relatively easy compared to choosing what lipstick shade to wear to match the season. Pale hues look great especially when you’re after a natural look but if you want to have your lips make an impact when you step outside the door, you might want to change your lipstick color as well. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what hot and what’s not when the seasons change and although there is nothing wrong with sticking with the usual hues come fall, sometimes you need to go and explore more when it comes to your lipstick. If you are at a loss as to what lipstick is good for the fall season, here are some options to consider.

Peachy lips.

Makeup experts are happy with this easy look come the fall. That peachy hue on your lips can be a good combination with smoky eyes thanks to the combination of liner and mascara. That nude look still works even in the fall season. You just need to find the right pairing with your eye shadow to complete your look.

Brown lips.

The brown lipstick shade was a favorite back in the 90s and it appears that it’s coming back in style this fall season. If you are going to jump in the bandwagon, Stila’s Stay All Day MATTE’ficent lipstick is a good choice as it contains both argan and castor oil for that shine-free look but feels glossy.

Glossy vinyl lips.

This color exudes self-confidence and was a favorite lipstick color back in the 70’s. MAC’s lip pencil in currant or nightmoth is a good combination with clear lipglass. Use a lip brush to spread the Lipglass evenly for that glossy finish.

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Gothic glam.

Dark hues for the fall season are really head turners especially when applied properly. Matte reds, deeper plums, burgundies and the like are definitely striking colors during the fall. To get this right, exfoliate your lips first before applying some lip balm then the color direct from the tube. Use a brush for the edges. A lip liner can keep everything in place then wipe away any excess color.

Nude lips.

Nude lipstick like Gucci’s Sensuous Deep Matte Lipstick in Intriguing Nude is the perfect shade for women who want to make their lips look full naturally. Its tawny nude color with hints of pink will look simply beautiful on your lips especially when paired with darker eye shadows for a more dramatic effect without overdoing it.


Reds are definitely in this fall season and the chilli hue of Make Up for Ever Artist Rouge certainly casts a spell when used. The precise shape of the lipstick makes application easier so you’ll get that perfect red lips no matter if you’re in a hurry.


As it was mentioned before, red lipsticks are not just a trend but should be a staple in your makeup kit. There are different power reds that you can try on but the classic cherry red never fails to deliver that look of elegance when worn. An even better option is the semi-matte finish which will definitely give your lips that alluring look.

There are quite a lot of fall lipstick shades for you to try out and the ones mentioned above are just a few worth mentioning for those who need to be guided in the right direction. Of course, your preference matters too but these options are worth trying out if you are looking for a new shade to sport this fall. Try mixing and matching these with your favorite eye shadows and makeup and see which ones work best for you.

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