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How to Combat Cellulite with Essential Oils

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Cellulite is a term used to refer to fatty deposits on the skin that leave that creates that dimpled appearance to our skin. It usually appears on areas of the body where there is lot of fats present. Men and women can have cellulite but women even more so as genetics, hormones, lifestyle, and even diet can contribute to the appearance of cellulite. It is understandable that you will feel frustrated and embarrassed upon seeing those fatty deposits making your skin look older. The good news is that you can remove or at least reduce the appearance of cellulite with the help of essential oils like the ones below. Just make sure that you dilute them first in carrier oils before applying and massaging on your skin.


Rosemary is a common herb used in many dishes but transform it into essential oil and you will find that it comes with a host of benefits including fighting off the appearance of cellulite. This is because rosemary essential oil has firming and toning properties that can actually help reduce the appearance of the dimples on your skin. Another plus to using rosemary essential oil is that it can remove any blockage in your lymphatic system which can also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Grape seed oil

Known for its aroma, grape seed oil is a common ingredient in many beauty routine. Another reason why this essential oil is a great hit in the beauty industry is that it can also help you deal with cellulite problems. It has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system which further relaxes the mind and the body too.

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This essential oil is actually made from cedar, juniper, and Thuja where their leaves, berries, and barks are used. Cedarwood is commonly used in many respiratory problems, repel insects, and even removing impurities in the skin. It acts as a diuretic where it removes excess water as well as toxins in the blood. You will find that this essential oil is also useful when it comes to treating cellulite because of its decongesting properties where excess fat is removed.


Another essential oil that is effective in treating cellulite is cypress oil. What’s great about this essential oil is that it can actually improve blood circulation in your body which can aid in destroying accumulating fats in your body. This reduces the appearance of cellulite. Massage the oil on the affected areas of your body regularly until you get the desired results.


Tangerine essential oil is also effective when it comes to banishing cellulite because it is known to improve blood circulation which is important when destroying fat buildup. It is also good for your digestion where it eliminates any toxins in your body so there will be less chance of fat staying on your body.


You should also try Juniper essential oil when you want to reduce the appearance of cellulite because this oil can help improve your kidney function. It reduces the amount of water retained in your body while flushing out any toxic buildup that is causing cellulite to form. Massage the oil all over your body to purify your blood and to combat cellulite.

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Fennel is another useful essential oil that can help you combat cellulite. This is due to the fact that fennel is a potent diuretic that can actually remove stored waste materials in your body as well as excess water. You will find that mixing two drops each of fennel essential oil and rosemary essential oil with three teaspoons of jojoba or olive oil before massaging on your skin can be an effective treatment against cellulite.

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