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How to Cleanse Your Body in One Day

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No matter how hard we wish, there is no way one-day solution to magically dissolve the excess weight that we are carrying. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about jumpstarting your weight loss though because you can actually do it with the help of a one-day cleanse. If you want to give yourself that extra boost to the right direction of shedding those fats you are carrying, try these tips out.

Begin your day with lemon water

One way to jumpstart your weight loss routine is to have a glass of cold or warm lemon water first thing in the morning. This drink is packed with pectin that can help with your digestion which makes it a good way to cleanse your system. Another reason why this is a good option too is because it helps keep your hunger at bay too.

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Plan ahead of time

If you want to cleanse your body in just one day, you will need to plan for it properly. This means that you will need to do your groceries the day before you start your cleanse and that your juicer is prepped already. Wean yourself from processed foods and alcoholic beverages as well just in time for your cleanse.

Get rid of bloat with breakfast

After you have drank your morning drink, it is time to get rid of the excess gas in your body with the right kind of breakfast. If you are doing a mini-cleanse, avoid eating bread or cereal, or any other version of these two because they will only cause your body to retain water which you are trying to avoid. A better option would be to choose a protein-based breakfast such as scrambled eggs with salmon. These two ingredients can help you meet your protein needs and omega-3s too.

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Drink more water

Another tip to cleanse your body in a day is to ensure that you are drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day. Not only will this help hydrate you, but the water will also keep you from eating too much. Another plus to this step is that you are also helping your body to detox which means that your skin will look much better too.

Change your diet

When it comes to your one-day cleanse, see to it that you are eating three meals and one snack that consist mostly of whole foods. By ensuring that you are eating regularly, you are reducing the need to binge on food because you are not starving yourself. Think more vegetables, lean meat, fruits, as well as whole grains. Make sure that you avoid anything that is processed and contain artificial sweetener as well.

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Epsom salt bath

Another way to help cleanse your body is by taking an Epsom salt bath which removes any toxins from your skin while at the same time, relaxing your muscles and body. If your cleanse leaves you feeling cold and a bit shaky, it’s because you are suffering from withdrawals. Take an Epsom salt bath to help you feel better.

Start sweating

You can also boost your weight loss in one day by revving up your metabolism through exercise. By increasing your heart rate, you are also making more blood to flow through your body which, in turn, can remove the toxins that are present. You don’t even have to head to the gym just to exercise because you can do various workouts right in your very home. Not only will this help you improve your metabolism, but it will also help tone your muscles too.

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