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Reasons to Enjoy Cleavers Tea

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If you’re always on the hunt for some of the most amazing herbal teas on the face of the planet, you’re in luck — this article will get you acquainted with a kind of tea that can impress with the various health benefits that it offers.

The tea that’s being talked about is one that’s made from brewing the dried aerial parts of cleavers, which is related to the likes of gardenia and noni. The said herb is native to Asia, North America, Europe and some areas in the Middle East. Because it can be found practically across the globe, it comes with so many other names. Cleavers is sometimes referred to as barweed, catchweed, clivers, goose grass, bedstraw and sweet woodruff.

For so many years now in places where it’s native to, cleavers is being used by traditional healers in dealing with various health problems. However, the herb is highly praised for its ability to support the lymphatic system, which means that it is superb at strengthening the immune system and getting the body detoxified.

Enjoying the numerous perks that cleavers is known to offer can be something as simple as purchasing cleavers tea from a reliable herbal or health food store on the web or offline. Drinking a cup of freshly-brewed cleavers tea up to thrice a day may be done, which will enable you to enjoy the following incredible health benefits:

Increased Urination

Consuming cleavers tea helps increase the production of urine, which is something beneficial for people who are suffering from urinary tract infections or UTIs because it helps in flushing out bacteria in the excretory system. The herbal drink’s diuretic properties also help in keeping the blood pressure from rising. But if you have hypertension, make sure that you stick to the mode of treatment your doctor has recommended.

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Detoxified Body

Pairing the ability of cleavers tea to increase urination with the fact that it’s also a lymphatic system tonic makes it easy to see why this said beverage is very good at flushing out toxins that have collected in the body. Drinking cleavers tea is especially beneficial if you are fighting off an infection as the drainage of the lymphatic system, which is a role player in the containment of disease-causing bacteria and viruses, is made more efficient.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Scientists say that there are a number of impressive biological compounds present in cleavers tea, and some of them may actually have the ability to fight off cancer. Everyone knows that cancer is one of the leading causes of deaths across the planet, and it can be very hard to treat if it’s already in its later stages. Luckily, there are ways of lowering one’s risk of cancer, and one of them is through the regular consumption of cleavers tea.

Reduced Appetite

Are you trying to shed off unwanted pounds but you’re scared of popping weight loss pills in your mouth that can cause some really nasty side effects? Then brew yourself a cup of cleavers tea on a regular basis. It is said that this herbal beverage is capable of suppressing the appetite. So whenever there is an urge for you to have seconds or grab some unhealthy snacks, what you need to do instead is enjoy a cup of freshly-brewed cleavers tea.

JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: Refrain from taking cleavers tea or any preparation containing cleavers if you are in the family way or nursing a baby. Make sure that you let your doctor know about your plan on taking cleavers tea for therapeutic purposes if you have a medical condition and taking drugs for it.

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