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The best ways to remove self-doubt

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Doubting one’s self is a common problem – and the effects are more insidious than most people think. It’s highly possible that self-doubt has probably stopped somebody from coming up with a great idea that could have changed the world – and we’re not even joking about that.
It’s no wonder that the term “crippling” is always applied to self-doubt. Once you doubt yourself, you hesitate, or you think that your idea is bad, without giving it a fair chance. It is, in effect, the negation of the human spirit to explore, to think of new ideas. So how do you remove self-doubt?

Study and practice

One sure way to remove self-doubt is to keep on studying and practicing. It doesn’t have to be formal study, and in fact, it could
be as simple as going through your plan or idea many times, and looking at it from every angle. That way, your familiarity with the idea, and how it works can make you relax more.
Do note, however, that this is not the same as overthinking. Unless you have a time limit, you should take your time in developing your idea or skill, so that self- doubt will be left behind.

A second opinion

Self-doubt need not be a lonely situation. If you have friends or loved ones you can trust, then you should let them in, metaphorically speaking, if only to let them take care of you, or for you to stay over while think of things. Familiar settings
and feelings of stability and warmth can boost your mind’s ability to move past self-doubt.
You have to remember, though, that you can’t run away
from whatever is causing you to have a crisis of confidence. Asking for advice and retreating to familiar, cozy surroundings are only a respite. In the end, you will have to be the one to
decide on what to do.

Take a timeout

If your feelings of self-doubt are rising, then go out with friends, or, if you prefer, yourself, and just have FUN. It can be as relaxed as having a nice coffee in your favorite coffee shop, or it could be a “lost weekend” of epic proportions. Sometimes, by actively not thinking about what makes you fee l insecure, you end up having a solution for it, ready to be executed as soon as possible. This is because sometimes, overthinking really is the root of self-doubt. Once paranoia sets in, it’s downhill. That’s why what you really need, sometimes, is to snap out of it before it turns into a whine fest.

Keep calm

The last thing you should do is let your lack of confidence turn into an uncontrolled panic, be it internal or external. If you think you’re about to lose your grip, then do any of the above-mentioned ways to calm down. And do remember that at least you tried. Even if you fail, you’ll know what to do better the next time– or know when to walk away, and just turn it into a story to laugh about when you’re older.
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