The Healthy Advantages of Eating Carrots

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Daily A root vegetable with the scientific name Daucus Carota. This vegetable doesn’t only taste great it also makes the body feel great with its numerous health benefits. Carrots can be found in our everyday meals. They are generally known to help boost the vision, but it does a lot more than just that. Knowing that it can be enjoyed in numerous ways, carrots equally has the same benefits when cooked and mashed or even freshly picked off the farm. Carrots can be grown at your very own backyard making giving it another edge over other high maintenance vegetables. Carrots are such an important part of our everyday lives that it even has its own holiday, that’s right! International Carrot day which occurs on April 4th every year.

Common health benefits of carrots

– Hair loss is something we all have to go through at some point in our lives. The causes may vary from stress to old age. However, it is something that those who are experiencing it would like to curb. Carrots is a great remedy for hair loss. It provides the hair with sufficient vitamins that makes it longer, shinier, thicker and stronger overall. If converted to juice, drinking it on a regular basis can help the overall well-being of your hair.

– The general myth of carrots is that it’s very beneficial for the eyes. This is because it is very rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to help improve the eyesight, it helps reduce the chances of developing night blindness due to old age in the future.

– Just like every other vegetable, carrots help strengthen your immune system. Constant congestion of carrots provides the body with vitamin C which stimulates the activity of the white blood cells.

-Carrots can be used as a medical resource also, if you have a fresh wound and do not have any immediate medical kit. A grated raw carrot can be used to treat the wound and restore the wounds. For cosmetic uses it can also be used for acne if it’s made into a paste.

– Cancer Is a major health topic in the recent years, people are constantly trying to find ways to reduce their chances of getting cancer. This involves altering the food we ingest. Research has shown that eating a carrot a day significantly helps in reducing your chances of getting cancer.

– Carrots are very rich in potassium. If you are one of the few that has to deal with high blood pressure. Besides keeping away from the stress, one should consume more carrots as it helps with reducing your blood pressure levels. Carrots are generally linked to a healthy happy heart.

– Fiber is a one of the body’s main nutritional source. Carrots are very rich in this nutrient. It allows your bowls to move regularly, allowing you to control your body weight and control your blood sugar levels.

– If you are pregnant then you should consider eating some carrots since this will reduce the chances of your child getting jaundice. After giving birth it is also recommended to eat carrots during the breast feeding process as it helps increase the quality of the milk.

Growing carrots

If you love carrots and would like to grow your own batch in your very own backyard, this can be made possible. Carrots are can literally be grown anywhere. Carrots are very low maintenance which allows them to be grown with minimal supervision. If you happen to have space in your backyard, then you can have your very own carrot farm. It is advised to grow carrots during the summer season also make sure that they have sufficient amount of water supply in order to for them to grow sweet and juicy. If you do not have a backyard you can always grow your carrots indoors. There are various ways one can grow a fully healthy plant within the four walls of their very own home.

Ways on how we can use carrots.

Carrots can be prepared in a lot of ways. You can eat it raw, cook it, juice it, mash it and more. Most people aren’t fond of the taste of carrot juice, to make it more bearable you can always have it mixed with any other healthy juice, as they make a great combination. There are different types of salads and all of them are generally healthy, but not all salads have carrots. Carrots can be added to your salad to give it a boost in nutrients and the overall taste. Steamed carrots can be added to your seafood dishes, as they go great with a salmon plate. A fun fact about carrots, it is rumored that the voice of the worldwide famous bugs bunny character does not like carrots. Quite an irony.

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