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Practical and Creative Everyday Uses of Rubbing Alcohol

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Rubbing alcohol is one such product you can use for almost anything you think of! From household cleaning to defrosting your car’s windshield in seconds- rubbing alcohol has uses you’ll find truly handy. Here are the top uses for rubbing alcohol:

When you are spritzing your head with hair spray, some of it inevitably winds upon the mirror. A quick wipe with rubbing alcohol will whisk away that sticky residue and leave your mirror sparkling clean.

Rubbing alcohol is great jewellery cleaner! To clean, soak jewellery in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes, remove and polish with a soft, clean cloth.

To make your own room freshener, mix 1 cup rubbing alcohol with 10-15 drops of essential oil.

Do your windows frost upin the wintertime? Wash them with a solution of ½cup rubbing alcohol to1 quart (1 litre) water to prevent the frost. Polish the windows with newspaper after you wash them to make them shine.

The most common use- removing nail polish!

Is your phone getting a bit grubby? Wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. It’ll remove the grime and disinfect the phone at the same time.

Did you get ink on your favourite shirt or dress? Try soaking the spot in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes before putting the garment in the wash.

To prevent your neck from staining your shirt collar, wipe your neck with rubbing alcohol each morning before you dress. Feels good too.

Ticks hate the taste of rubbing alcohol as much as they love the taste of your dog. Before you pull a tick off, dab the critter with rubbing alcohol to make it loosen its grip. Then grab the tick as close to the dog’s skin as you can and pull it straight out. Dab again with alcohol to disinfect the wound. This works on people too.

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The next time you see fruit flies hovering in the kitchen, get out a fine-misting spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Spraying the little flies knocks them out and makes them fall to the floor, where you can sweep them up.

The problem with ice packs is they won’t conform to the shape of the injured body part. Make a slushy, conformable pack by mixing 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water in a self-closing plastic bag. The next time that sore knee acts up, wrap the bag of slush in a cloth and apply it to the area.

Just reach into the medicine cabinet the next time you need to clean chrome bathroom fixtures. Pour some rubbing alcohol straight from the bottle onto a soft, absorbent cloth and the fixtures. No need to rinse, the alcohol just evaporates. It does a great job of making chrome sparkle, plus it will kill any germs in its path.

These are the top ways in which you can use rubbing alcohol. Is there any other way you use it?Rubbing alcohol is that one product that we are all sure every household has. I’m sure most of you even have it in your bag. Rubbing alcohol can be used for a lot of things. While there are already newer products that can substitute for alcohol, most still prefer the classic rubbing alcohol. For instance, rubbing alcohol is still preferable over those hand sanitizers. hand sanitizers may smell so good, but rubbing alcohol is still more potent when it comes to getting rid of germs.

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So aside from using itto clean our hands when clean water and soap are unaccessible, there are tons of other everyday uses of this product. Here are some of them:

•Jewellery cleaner – Simply soak your jewellery in rubbing alcohol for some minutes. See the effects when you clean your jewellery using a soft and clean cloth.

•Mirror cleaner – If you are a klutz like me, chances are, you always stain or smudge your mirror with foundation, hair spray, or even lipstick. Simply wiping it with a rubbing alcohol will clean and take out any sticky residue on it.

•Nail polish remover – Yes, rubbing alcohol is a cheaper way to erase those stubborn nail polish. Simply soak a cotton ball in the alcohol, dab iton your nails and let the liquid sit on for a while before wiping the color off.

•Phone cleaner – Sure you can always opt for those phone screen wipes available now. But you don’t have to collect grime and dust before you buy one and clean your phone. Use rubbing alcohol to clean it. What’s great is it also works as a disinfectant.

•Stain remover – Rubbing alcohol can also remove pen markers on your shirt and other similar stains and marks.

•Window cleaner – This sounds pretty basic, but what’s surprising is you can also use this product for those frosted windows in the winter. Simply pour half a cup of alcohol to a liter of water, and use the solution to wipe the windows. To make the windows crystal clear and shining, polish them with newspaper afterwards.

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•Neck cleaner – This sounds quite weird, but it does make a lot of sense. We don’t notice it, but we actually accumulate a lot of dirt in our neck, and this is pretty bad when we’re wearing shirts with collar because they can be stained. What you can do is to wipe your neck with alcohol every morning while dressing up.

•Room freshener – Essential oils are a freshener. However, it can be very costly, so try mixing a cup of alcohol with 10-15 drops of your preferred essential oil.

•Fruit flies killer – Pour some rubbing alcohol into a fine-misting spray bottle, and reach out to this whenever you see stubborn fruit flies going around the kitchen. The rubbing alcohol can knock them out, so you can simply sweep them out the kitchen.

•Tick remover – Well, you can’t just put rubbing alcohol on your dog and expect the ticks to just fall off. But when you are pulling a tick off, put some rubbing alcohol to easily pull it out. To disinfect the wound, put some rubbing alcohol.

•Ice pack substitute – Feeling sore? While ice packs are your first inclination, this isn’t ideal because it doesn’t adjust to the shape of the injured part of your body. What you can do instead is to mix 1/3 alcohol and 2/3 water in a self-closing or sealable plastic bag. Wrap the bag in a cloth and directly apply it on the affected area.

These are just some practical and out-of-the-box uses of the ever-reliable rubbing alcohol. There are now more reasons to stock them up in your home.

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