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How to Achieve Glass Skin That’s Taking the World by Storm

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Glass skin — it’s what you call skin that looks so smooth and delicate, and also has an unmistakable reflective property. Women all over the planet are striving to be spotted with glass skin because it is mesmerizing.

Due to its ethereal characteristic, you don’t really have to wear any make up. Often, applying lip gloss or lip balm is enough for you to complete the entire look.

Korean women are the ones who popularized glass skin. No one can deny that Korean women’s skin is super smooth and kind of shiny, to the point that you would think that it’s heavily airbrushed.

No, there is no trace of airbrushing there. Actually, there is nothing there, and this is exactly what makes glass skin look like that — radiant and definitely attention-grabbing.

Because of the popularity of glass skin, currently you can easily come across beauty products that promise to give female consumers the kind of skin that can easily make them the center of attention.

Unfortunately, many of these products designed to give you glass skin doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. Where’s the joy in sporting glass skin if your wallet is completely empty?

In addition, not all of these products that claim to provide glass skin can deliver. In fact, so many of them claim to be the ones used by Korean women, but when you inspect their packaging they’re not even made in Korea!

Actually, you don’t have to spend a lot of cash or experiment with various products just to be seen with glass skin that can make every head turn towards your direction.

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The attainment of glass skin has something to do with deep cleaning your skin each time and then regularly removing excess dead skin cells that can make your skin rough and your complexion dull.

However, still it’s a good idea for you to invest in a high quality serum that many trust. Or you may simply opt for some of the best sheet masks which are highly popular these days.

Many of those who have perfected glass skin say that it’s very important to exfoliate the skin up to twice a week in order to make it smooth and also glow.

For this, you may opt for your favorite exfoliating agent. But you may also go for a DIY one — there are lots and lots of recipes for homemade exfoliating agents that are better than commercially-available ones.

Before heading out, women who are sporting glass skin say that they deeply cleanse their skin. They say that it’s as easy as washing their faces with their preferred facial wash twice.

Of course washing your face twice in a row each time can leave your skin dry and taut. This is where the importance of applying a serum steps in. Massage liberal amounts of it until completely absorbed.

Is serum not your thing? No worries. You can simply leave a sheet mask on your face for about half an hour or as indicated on the packaging. Of course go for one that’s formulated for deeply moisturizing the skin. Do not wash off your face after using a sheet mask. What you need to do is massage your face gently until the substance left behind is absorbed by your skin.

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That’s it — you just gave yourself glass skin that every woman out there is clamoring for. The only thing that’s left for you to do is apply lip gloss or lip balm and you’re all set to impress!

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