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Foods That Keep Your Hair Healthy

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Our hair is our crowning glory, gorgeous hair can make or break an outfit. Healthy and beautiful hair needs little maintenance and simply combing it is enough to have well-kept hair. We would do anything to get that voluminous hair we want. We’ll shell out huge amount of money in the salon to get that hair.

The salon isn’t the only place you can get strong, shiny and beautiful hair. What you have in your fridge can help get you that beautiful locks. Eating right and getting enough nutrients in your diet can give you the mane you’ve been looking for. Healthy foods with different varieties of vitamins and nutrients will help you to grow healthy and damage free hair.  Your diet affects your hair growth, eating unhealthy and greasy foods will give you unhealthy and greasy hair. Changing your diet into something healthy and nutritious will guarantee you the healthiest hair growth.

There are certain foods that will improve hair health. Here are a few that you can add to your diet to get that stunning tresses.

1. Carrots

–      Carrots have high amounts of vitamin A that will keep your hair healthy. Our scalp produces a natural oil called sebum, this oil is essential to keeping the hair protected from harmful chemical and elements. Sebum also keeps the scalp hydrated and protected. Vitamin A help produce sebum.

2. Spinach

–      This super food is packed with minerals and vitamins that is essential to hair health. Spinach contains iron, calcium, fatty acids and potassium necessary to grow strong and healthy hair. Fresh spinach contains more minerals, but if your palate prefers cooked spinach opt to cook it on low heat to retain most of its benefits.

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3. Red Meat

–      Red Meat is a great source of iron and zinc. These minerals help increase hair growth and keep the hair strong. Dermatologists have recommended to eat red meat twice a week to get your needed iron and zinc intake. Take in some vitamin C rich foods such as oranges to improve iron absorption.

4. Oats

–      Oats are considered one of the best food to include in your diet to improve hair growth. Every needed nutrients for strong and beautiful hair can be found in oats. It contains copper, B vitamins, protein and zinc to only name a few. Eat oats for breakfast for an energy boost and shiny hair.

5. Salmon

–      Foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids like salmon and mackerel are great for a healthy scalp and strong locks. Omega 3 helps keep the hair follicles intact and create a protective cover around the hair shaft preventing breakage. This fatty acid will hydrate the hair, making it less frizzy and dry. Green Peas

–      Green peas contain vitamin C, beta-carotene and protein that makes it a great addition to your healthy hair diet. Peas can be added to most recipes without affecting the taste.

Add in these healthy foods to your diet to get healthy and beautiful hair. Avoid negative habits such as smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, this will dry out the hair and cause damage.

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