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Rainy Day Hairstyles

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A lot of things can ruin a great hair style and one of them is a rainy. Even on your best hair day, a few drops of water from the sky can cause your hair to frizz and look too rugged. So, during this rainy should we just turn in the towel and just let what happens happen? Well, thankfully the world isn’t that cruel. It’s really hard to feel confident with yourself if you feel like let yourself just do what it weighs. There are a lot of awesome rainy day friendly hairstyles that you can try out. These hairstyles can save you from those humidly rainy weather and keep your hair looking fierce even through the crying clothes. Learn some of these rainy day hairstyles below.


One of the easiest hairstyles you can do and pull off during rainy days. Buns can withstand heat, rain and wind, making it such a great hairstyle for harsh weather. You can do different variations from low bun, side bun and top buns. This is a really cute hairstyle that can be professional if styled right. Start by gathering your hair into one section. If you want it to be more playful and casual, you can opt for doing it a bit messy or you can do a sleek version for a more professional look. Once you gather all your hair in one section, choose the location where you want to place your bun and secure it in place. You can do variations with your bun with braids, curls and accessories. You can be as creative with your buns as you please.

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Fishtail Braid

One of the best hairstyles you can try during rainy days are braids. Any hairstyle that can secure your hair preventing it from blowing in the wind or absorbing too much moisture. One of the most secure braid you can try is fishtail braid. This hairstyle is great when it comes to layered hairstyles since it can keep the layers intact unlike other braids. It is also a great hairstyle that you can play it up or keep sleek. You can create this braid by creating two sections and taking two small sections from each one. Cross the small section in the middle and joint the opposite small section in the opposite section. Continue this until the end and secure it with a tie. You can create a half fishtail, a crown fishtail, but the best version would be the side or low middle fishtail during rainy days.

Pony Tail

The quickest and easiest hairstyle you can do during all weather is a ponytail. It is the easiest ways to secure the hair and keep it neat. You can play it up with a sleek, low pony tail for work or play it up with a high messy ponytail. Adding products in your hair won’t work as well during rainy days since it can cause your hair to feel sticky and slimy when it gets wet. You can use water based product to prevent this. Curling your hair to get curly ponytail won’t really during rainy weather since the curls can unravel due to the humidity and water. To get a sleek finish you can use a toothbrush to fix the fly away and bumpy areas. You can spice up your ponytail by adding texture to the hair before tying to get that messy styling appearance.

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Half Up Do

One of the easiest way for you to get that I tried look without doing too much is to go for a half up do hair style. It can vary from braided half up styles to half clip styles. This is a great hairstyle for rainy days since it can get any stray hair away from your face and still keep it completely secure during strong winds and rain. This can work for casual errands, work, professional settings, for school and so on. You can use a styling clip to add some pizzazz to your hair.

Use a Hat

Using a beanie or any type of hat is a great way to keep your hair secure during a rainy day. It can prevent your hair from absorbing the moisture causing it to frizz or look oily. If you know that it will rain, try adding a hat to your outfit.

We all have days where we are just too lazy doing our hair or have no idea what to do with it. This doubles during rainy days. We like doing our hair during rainy days is useless. However, there is a lot of quick and easy hairstyles you can do during rainy days that can keep your hair intact and stylish. Try out this hairstyles the next time it starts to pour. So, what is your go to rainy day hair style? Share it here with us.

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