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Tips for Making Legs Look Longer

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There is something about long legs that are just as attractive. Some of us are lucky enough to be born with long legs. Though, most of us aren’t that lucky and are willing to rely on tips to help give us the illusion of long legs. There are a lot of things we can do to create the illusion of long legs. Like creating sharper cheekbones with makeup, we can also do the same with our legs. We can make it appear longer, toner and even slimmer. You can use different tips for makeup, exercise and even changing the way we dress. Here are a few tips you can use to create the illusion of longer legs.

High Waisted

Wearing pants or skirt that is high waisted gives the illusion that the lower half of your body is a lot longer than your upper half, this will make your legs appear longer than it really is. The key to this technique is to wear things that are just above your waistline. You can also opt for clothes or dresses that cut above the natural waist. Though, high waisted pants that are too heavy can make you appear shorter.

Use the Right Shoes

Wearing the right shoes can make a huge difference with how your leg appears. Some shoes can make your legs appear shorter and stubbier. There are also some shoes that can help make the legs appear longer and thinner. If you are wearing short skirts, shorts or dresses opt for shoes that are nude tones. The node can blend with your skin tone creating the illusion or long legs. This doesn’t cut the line between the legs and the feet giving a lengthening effect. This is more noticeable if you wear nude tone heels. You can also achieve this effect if you are wearing pants or tights. Pick shoes that are similar in color to your pants or tights to create the same illusion. Avoid pants that are just below the knee or calf hugging since it can shorten you.

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Pale legs appear a lot bigger and shorter than legs that are tanned. This gives the same illusion that when we wear black we appear smaller. You can give your legs an extra boost by adding some self tanner to your legs to make it appear leaner and longer. You can even contour your legs using self tanner. Try to flex your legs and add more tanner on areas where the muscles are hollower. This will give the illusion of lean legs. There are specific products that you can use to tan your legs. Some of them can be washed and some can last for a few months. Just be careful with applying since tanner can be messy to apply and can be patchy if not applied right.


If you can contour your face to look slimmer and your cheekbones sharper, you can definitely contour your legs to appear longer. If you look at athletes or people with toned legs, you will notice that they appear a lot taller they seem. This is due to the definition of muscles in their legs that makes it appear longer. You can imitate this by using contouring. Add contours to the side of your legs and the top of your knees. Add some highlighter on the middle of your leg and start blending everything out. Make sure that you blend everything that it looks natural and not as if you have a dark line all over your leg.

Clean Designs

When picking skirts, shorts or pants, opt for ones that have clean designs. One that is not too busy and create too much bulk. Avoid pants that have too many pockets, pleats or zipper designs. This extra bulk can make the legs appear shorter. One colored clothing can also help lengthen your appearance. If your top is close to the color of your bottom, it can create the appearance of a longer upper and lower body. If you want to try bright colors. Use bright colors on your tops, not in your bottom. Bright colors can bring a lot of attention to the eyes, but it can also cause the area to appear shorter.

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A lot of us wants to have longer legs and some of us are even willing to go under the knife just to add a few inches to our legs or height. There really isn’t much we can do when it comes to our genetics, but there are simple tips and tricks that we can try to make our legs look longer and leaner. Wearing the right clothes, applying the right products and so on can instantly give us longer legs. No need to go under the knife, just try out these simple tips above and see how much it can change your appearance. Do you have your personal tips and tricks to create the illusion of longer legs? Share it with us!

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