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Here’s What Will Happen If You Quit Biting Your Nails

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Onychophagia is the fancy-sounding medical term for a really disgusting habit — nail biting. If you habitually nibble on your nails when you are feeling anxious or just downright bored, this article is made especially for you. Below you will come across some of the things that will surely happen as soon as you stop biting your nails.

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You Will be Spotted With Nicer Looking Nails

It’s easy to tell if a person is a nail biter or not — you just have to take a quick look at his or her nails. If they look like they’ve been gnawed on by rats, you can rest assured that the person is into nail biting.

Turning your back on nail biting if you happen to be fond of it allows you to have pretty nails. Your manicures can also be enjoyed for a longer period of time if you keep your nails out of your mouth. But it’s not just your nails that will look lovelier if you quit nail biting. Just check out the next entry.

You Will Have a Lovelier Smile

The things that you use for biting your nails, your pearly whites, can easily end up cracked or chipped. Especially if you regard your smile as one of your best physical attributes, it’s a good idea for you to quit nail biting.

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Nail biting for a long time can also wear down the enamel of your teeth, which is something that can leave you in pain or discomfort each time you consume something hot or cold. Clearly, nail biting can make you feel mortified not only when shaking someone’s hand but also when having a meal.

You Will be Spared From Those Painful Hangnails

Everyone knows how painful hangnails can be. If you cannot stand them, make sure that you stop biting your nails ASAP. According to scientists, the reason why nail biters are prone to developing hangnails is that their fingertips are susceptible to ending up dry — dryness can give rise to those pesky hangnails.

Other than being painful, hangnails can also become infected. This is especially true if you constantly touch contaminated objects and you are not fond of frequent hand washing or regularly using a hand sanitizer.

You Will Have Frequent Bouts of the Cold

During the cold season, someone who is into nail biting is at higher risk of ending up sick. That’s because practically every surface indoors and outdoors is a source of the virus responsible for the upper respiratory tract infection.

But it’s not just the common cold virus that may wreak havoc to your body if you’re a nail biter, but many other forms of problem-causing microorganisms. If you quit biting your nails, you will enjoy much lesser bouts of stomachache and diarrhea. Doctors say that you may even dodge more serious issues like hepatitis.

You Will Have Reduced Risk of Poisoning

Especially if you are a woman who loves getting her nails painted, it’s a terrible idea for you to remain being a nail biter. Any chemical found in nail polish can easily end up inside your body each time you nibble on your nails. Overtime, it’s not unlikely for poisonous substances in nail polish to accumulate in your system, causing problems.

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According to experts, gel polishes most especially contain ingredients that are not meant to be ingested by humans. If you love hitting the nail salon all the time, do your best to put an end to nail biting.

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