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Low Calorie Snack Suggestions for a Fitter You

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Want to lose weight fast? Try the best low calorie snacks that can help you shed off those pounds. Stay fit by munching on the best low calorie foods in the market. With these low calorie snack ideas, you’ll never have to starve yourself, even when you’re on a diet!

Who says snacking is a bad thing? It’s not, really. Studies even revealed that eating three healthy meals a day with two snacks in between can help you lose weight faster. Frequent eating of small but nutritious meals can increase your body’s metabolism rate, therefore burning more calories off your system. Plus, eating snacks that are healthy and low in caloric content will make you less prone to overeating during regular meals. So give in to healthy snacking. Try these low calorie snack ideas to help achieve a slimmer and sexier you.

  1. Say yes to chocolate—dark chocolate that is. Even those on a diet can get their hands on to this sweet temptation. Dark Chocolate is an antioxidant. Combining it with fresh fruits will sweeten the deal even more. For a luscious treat, melt 1 ounce of dark chocolate, place it in a container, grab some fresh strawberries (or any fresh fruit you find suitable), and start dipping away.
  1. Grab yourself a glass of smoothie! Apart from being totally refreshing, smoothies are packed with live nutrients essential in maintaining a healthy body. It helps curb your food cravings between meals and will provide you with the same energy boost you can get from a full meal. A perfect snack for weight loss.
  1. For another satisfying treat, try an apple laden with peanut butter! Yes, you read that right. Apples are good sources of fiber which aids in our digestion while peanut butter on the other hand, rewards us with proteins.
  1. Vegetables and dips will help you go a long way! In fact, you can never go wrong with veggies. Dip carrots, broccoli, pepper strips and the likes into a cup of low-fat plain yogurt for a healthy, yet tasty snack treat.
  1. Load on some arugula! This peppery green is something almost devoid of everything you don’t want—calories, fats, and cholesterol. This veggies comes loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, plus fiber and other nutrients which can help boost your metabolic system. Great for use in soups and salads, this leafy green may not just be your way to a leaner body, but apparently, it can work wonders with your love life too! Studies suggest that the antioxidants found in arugula can help block the absorption of toxins into the body which lowers one’s libido.
  1. Prepare yourself some broth. Clear seafood, miso, chicken, beef and veggie broth is an avid dieter’s secret method of nourishing their bodies and fulfilling their hunger pangs for almost zero calories (especially if you use lean meats and more vegetables). For that ultimate “high volume food”, consider consuming broth. With it, you can consume large amounts for very low caloric counts. Seems like a win-win situation. You feel full without worrying much about your caloric intake.
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Remember that you need not starve yourself to remove your excess weight; you just need to eat smart, and learn to discipline yourself in terms of food intake. In the world of weight loss and dieting, only the disciplined and the determined can survive. Be disciplined in terms of following your exercise routines and diet plans which will help you attain your weight loss goals. And be determined by thinking and believing that you can go through it all and emerge a winner at the end.


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