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Apply Plain Yogurt on Your Skin and These Amazing Things Will Happen

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Did you know that yogurt — the very treat that you snack on in order to keep your gut healthy — can also be used in your pursuit of attaining skin perfection? There are certain things in this dairy product that makes it double as an amazing skin beautifying product. This article will get you introduced to some of the incredible things that can happen if you regularly apply plain yogurt on your skin. So don’t stop reading now!

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A Glowing Complexion

The topmost layer of your skin consists of piles and piles of dead skin cells. Since those skin cells are already dead, it doesn’t come as a surprise why they can make your complexion look lifeless.

If you want to get rid of your complexion that look like a zombie’s, reach for a small tub of plain yogurt and use it as an exfoliating agent. All you have to do is apply it on newly-cleansed skin and allow it to stay there for 15 to 20 minutes. Letting it hang around for a few minutes gives lactic acid in yogurt plenty of time to dissolve that thick layer of dead skin cells, thus revealing a fresh and youthful looking layer of skin buried underneath it.

Make sure that you do this exfoliating beauty routine involving yogurt no more than twice a week especially on your face. Otherwise, rather than a radiant complexion you may end up with skin that look’s dry and irritated.

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Pimple- and Acne-Free Face

Having a tub of plain yogurt within your easy reach is a wonderful idea most especially if you are prone to having pimples and acne. That’s because this healthy treat for the gut is also an effective remedy for those pesky blemishes.

After washing your face with a mild cleanser, start daubing plain yogurt on problem areas. Allow it to stay there for up to 30 long minutes to let it weave its magic. Actually it’s no magic — it’s science. According to dermatologists, yogurt is capable of killing off bacteria responsible for the development as well as spreading of pimples and acne. What’s more, plain yogurt speeds up the healing process.

Got acne on your upper back or what most people refer to as bacne? You can count on plain yogurt to attain relief. Remember to use it for zapping back acne after taking your shower.

Less Noticeable Scars

Don’t stop applying plain yogurt on trouble spots after your pimples and acne have already healed. It’s a good idea for you to keep on using it especially if you want to eliminate scars left behind.

Earlier, it was mentioned that yogurt contains lactic acid that’s capable of dissolving those dead skin cells. Well, the same thing is also the one that makes this delectable and healthy treat an effective remover of scars. What’s more, plain yogurt also contains protein, which is something that your skin needs to have itself repaired. It won’t take long before those scars due to pimples and acne (as well as other reasons) are almost invisible.

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Some people say that plain yogurt is best mixed with a little lemon juice for faster results. Others say that plain yogurt combined with honey works just as well. Feel free to experiment!

After giving plain yogurt a try for a couple of weeks for dealing with a lifeless complexion, pimples and acne or unsightly scars, please do come back to this site and share in the comments section below your observations.

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