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7 Reasons Why Red Wine is Good for You

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Red wine is often a staple in many restaurants as they are often paired with specific dishes not only to accentuate the taste but also to help with the customers’ digestion. Perhaps you have drunk a glass of wine or two at a party in your home or when you come home after a long day at work. You might think that this is just an indulgence on your part but you might be surprised that drinking red wine is actually good for you in so many ways. To give you a better idea on why red wine is good for you, here are seven reasons that you should know about.

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Heart protection. Red wine can help protect your heart against blood clotting. What the polyphenols in the wine do is to keep your blood vessels flexible which mean there is less risk of you suffering from blocked arteries. It actually works like aspirin but mind you, don’t overdo your wine habit because moderation is important.

Treats cancer. Although researchers are not entirely sure on how red wine combats cancer, they believe that the presence of the antioxidant quercetin plays a role in causing the natural death of certain types of cancer cells particularly colon cancer.

Protection for the brain. Alzheimer’s is one type of mental health issue that affects the elderly but did you know that the resveratrol present in red wine can actually promote better cognitive health? Those who drink a glass of red wine are less likely to have mental problems as they age.

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Regulates blood sugar. Another reason why you should start drinking red wine is because it can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. This is ideal for those with diabetes as they need to keep their blood sugar levels balanced. The resveratrol present in red wine is believed to aid in insulin secretion or it may contain a protein that regulates insulin and glucose sensitivity.

Aids in weight loss. The presence of resveratrol in red wine does offer plenty of health benefits but there is also another compound that is believed to aid in weight loss. The piceatannol, which is the compound converted from the resveratrol in the red wine, is believed to prevent fat cells from forming in the body. According to researchers, the piceatannol binds itself to the insulin receptors thus preventing fat cells to grow. So if you are planning on losing weight, drinking red wine at least three times a week may just be the thing to help push you to achieve your weight loss goal.

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Combats colds. For those who are often susceptible to colds and other common ailments, drinking red wine can help alleviate these health issues. Researchers in the National Institutes of Health believe that the antioxidants found in red wine can fight off infections while at the same time getting rid of free radicals to avoid further damage to the body. So if you are feeling under the weather or you just want to boost your protection against the common cold, have a glass of red wine.

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Reduces cholesterol levels. Drinking red wine is also believed to assist in reducing one’s cholesterol levels. Health individuals who drank red wine saw a decline in their bad cholesterol level up to 9% while those who are suffering from high blood pressure reduced their LDL up to 12%. This is a significant improvement for those who have high blood pressure as they are reducing their risk of suffering from heart related issues like stroke, heart attack, and the like.

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