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The Wonderful Health Benefits of Massages

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The Wonderful Health Benefits of Massages

Getting massages is much more than just being a relaxing activity. In fact, our bodies tend to turn to massages especially during times of need. Notice how you would instinctively rub your shoulders whenever that part of your body of feel sore? This has become quite a popular stress reliever which paved the way to the development of a rapidly growing field of massage therapy. Massages come in an array of length and style variations and they come with tons of health benefits to boot.  Read on to know how getting a regular massage can be good for your health.

  1. Massages can relieve constant headaches.

Lots of research has shown that massages can help alleviate the pain brought forth by tension headaches and migraines. Massages induce a state of relaxation which in turn alerts the brain to produce more of serotonin hormones, otherwise known as your “feel good” hormones.  These neurotransmitters are then the ones responsible for masking or lowering the pain levels that the brain interprets.

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2. Massages can relax and soothe your entire body.

Subjecting yourself to hot-stone or a Swedish massage can help relax and rejuvenate your body afterwards.  The mild heat combined with the right amount of pressure can help soothe all those overworked muscles which make you feel stiff all over. To de-stress from a very busy and tense week at the office, having either of these two massage styles will sure be of help.

3. Massages can reduce joint pains.

At some point in time, almost everyone is bound to experience joint pains, be it from being pregnant or due to some health malady and getting a massage will certainly aid in dealing with this kind of pain. A lot of medical practitioners often refer their patients to licensed massage therapists for treatment of joint pains.

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4. Massages can reduce one’s anxiety levels.

Anxieties come at all levels—from mild to severe to borderline psychosis which can result to emotional crippling.  Again, massage therapy is proven to help in cutting one’s anxiety levels and bring stress levels down to much more manageable states.

5. Massages can help promote body flexibility.

Not a lot of people are flexible and most people are not as flexible as they thought they are which leads to overall stiffness that can be very uncomfortable. Massage is known to help in loosening muscle fibers which can aid in improving one’s flexibility.

6. Massagse can be of help to cancer patients.

Massage therapy is now being widely used as an adjuvant treatment for patients with cancer in order to relieve some of their symptoms including nausea, vomiting, fatigue, pain as well as insomnia.

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7. Massages can help re-energize and rejuvenate your body.

Again, this focus more on the relaxing benefits of massages. People who go to have massages at the end of a particularly stressful day report a significant improvement in their moods post-treatment.

8. Massages can help correct some digestive issues.

Almost everyone encounters some mild digestive problems and getting an abdominal massage can sometimes do the trick.  So whether you’ve been constipated for days or have some sort chronic digestive issue, getting a massage is always a good way to get your gut working properly again.

9. Massages can help your immune response.

A study conducted at the famed Cedar-Sinai Medical Center have concluded that subjecting one’s body to a single 45-minute massage can work wonders to the immune system.  A stronger immune system is helpful in warding off common diseases and apparently, getting a weekly or bi-weekly massage can help you boost yours.

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10. Massages can relieve PMS symptoms.

Yes, menstruating can sometimes be a pain to a lot of women but it seems that getting a massage during this time can help alleviate the discomforts associated with menstruation.


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