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Should You Welcome Balut Into Your Diet

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Put simply, balut is fertilized duck egg that is hard-boiled. Although it is known to come from the Philippines, the truth is it can also be found in various other countries in Asia such as Vietnam, Cambodia and China. If you want to get yourself acquainted with this super exotic delicacy, continue reading!

Balut is something that’s not for everybody. It can be very hard for many to attempt to consume it because there is a baby duck inside it that is nearly developed — it already has a beak, a pair of wings and a pair of legs.

This treat is consumed just like a hard-boiled egg because, after all, it’s just hard-boiled egg — although it’s almost about to hatch. However, the right way to do this is you peel the topmost part of the egg and gulp the amniotic fluid. Once you have glugged down all of it, it’s time to remove the rest of the shell to expose everything.

The ducking embryo, yolk and albumin — these are the ones that your eyes will chance upon once you have removed the shell. Commonly, balut is seasoned with a little salt or vinegar. Sometimes it is also dipped in soy sauce.

Everything apart from the shell is actually edible. However, not too many people are fond of consuming the albumin as it can be very tough. This is the reason why it is commonly discarded together with the shell.

Wondering if there’s a reason for you to consume balut other than for pleasing the daredevil in you or giving in to peer pressure? Actually, there are a handful of health benefits that balut brings. In other words, this exotic treat is quite nutritious. Here are some of the perks that you can enjoy from having balut:

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Increased muscle mass

Balut is a phenomenal source of high quality protein just like a chicken egg. Every serving of it supplies your body with those muscle-building amino acids.

Toughened bones and teeth

Provided that you consume everything inside the shell, balut can provide you with good amounts of calcium that you need for strengthening your bones and teeth.

Lowered anemia risk

Another nutrient that’s present in balut is iron. The said mineral is important for the production of red blood cells or RBCs, thus keeping iron-deficiency anemia at bay.

Reduced caloric intake

Every serving of balut packs less than 200 calories. Because it’s so filling, it can keep hunger pangs from striking, making it beneficial for anyone who is trying to lose weight.

But just like chicken eggs, balut can be rich in cholesterol. Most especially if you are told by your doctor to monitor your intake of cholesterol, it is a good idea to consume balut in moderation.

Enticed to get your hands on balut and try eating it? Well, you can get balut from most Asian and especially Filipino grocers in your area. Most of the time, you can purchase it already cooked. But if you come across something uncooked, fret not because cooking it is just like hard-boiling an egg — it gets cooked in about 20 to 30 minutes.

Do you have health-conscious family and friends who do not mind trying some of the most exotic treats across the globe? Then kindly have this article reposted on your various social media sites to get them acquainted with balut, too! And if you have already tried eating this delicacy from the Philippines, share your experience with it below!

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