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How to Get the Sun Kissed Makeup Look

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We all want that summertime sun kissed glow that looks amazing in vacation photos. This beach glam look makes the skin look amazing against the ocean water. You can get this look without even going to the beach. Here are the steps to create your sun kissed looked with make-up.

Step One.

Apply moisturizer/ facial oil on cleanse face. Wait for the moisturizer to dry before applying make-up on. This will help keep the makeup lasting longer.

Step Two.

Mix 1 part bronzer to two parts foundation. Apply with a foundation brush or a sponge to make it appear more realistic. This will create a warm glow without over using bronzing powder. You can change the ratio of foundation and bronzer to your skin tone. Apply foundation on the neck and chest area to avoid discoloration from the face and neck.

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Step Three.

Apply concealer to your problem areas. Conceal your blemishes and under eye circles. Apply concealers that don’t look to heavy or that can cause creasing. Concealers are more prone to cracking when the weather is too cold or too hot. Create a flawless base for your other makeup.

Step Four.

Applying bronzer can be tricky, applying too much can make you look like a shiny Christmas ornament. Avoid this by applying loose powder or translucent powder on areas on the face that are prone to oiliness throughout the day such as the forehead, under eye area, nose and chin. You can apply the powder with a small makeup brush or a makeup puff.

Step Five.

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Apply lipstick that are more natural. Pick a lipstick that is more peach toned or nude. Use lipstick that are glossy or has shimmer. Avoid using matt lipstick that is too dark. This will darken the look and remove the “beach vibe”.

Step Six.

Apply warm colors eyeshadow with waterproof mascara. You can use metallic shades to make it appear bronzier. Avoid matt eyeshadows, this will make the eyes seem dry and dull. You can apply silver metallic eyeshadow as a highlighter on the eyelid. Draw in your eyebrows naturally and avoid using black eyebrow pencil. This will harshen the look and make the makeup look appear more glam or high fashion.

Step Seven.

Apply shimmer bronzer or blush on your cheekbones. Use an angled brush to create more definition. Applying this on your cheekbones will create a glowing appearance.

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Step Eight.

Apply bronzer shimmer on your collar bones and chest area.

Look like a bronze goddess with this steps.

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