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Double Chin Workout

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Are you starting to notice something off when you take your picture? Is there an extra roll under your chin? It may seem that you’ve developed a double chin due to the abundance in holiday food during the past months. There are numerous ways to remove your double chin. There are medical procedures that can remove the fat from the chin and neck areas. There are also laser treatments that can melt away the fat. This medical procedures aren’t really necessary until you age and the discomfort in your chin and neck area affects your everyday living. Thankfully, there are easier ways to tone your neck and chin area.

The chin and the neck area contain fat and muscles. The toner your muscles become, the less fat there is. We need to tone our neck and chin area before our late twenties. As we age the skin around our neck and chin area loose elasticity. As we grow older the skin will sag and be more prone to wrinkles. The skin on the neck and chin area is prone to damage from UV rays, smoking, poor diet and excessive intake of alcohol.

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You can prevent getting visible wrinkles on the neck and shedding off the double chin with simple exercises. Here are some effective neck and chin exercises to help tone muscle and burn fat.

Pout and Tilt

Perform this exercise in the morning to help tone the face and neck muscles. Start by placing your fingers in your chin and start sticking your lower lip out, do this as far as you can. Your lips should appear as its pouting. Your finger should notice that the skin on your chin is now wrinkled. Hold this position for a few seconds. Contract the muscles in your neck, and tilt your head forward until your chin reaches your chest area; keep your lips pouting. Pause and hold this pose for a few seconds and relax your lips and neck, return to starting position and repeat these steps for about 5 to 8 minutes.

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The O

Sit in front of a mirror and maintain good posture. Close your lips and slowly open your mouth and create an O shape with it. You’ll notice in the mirror when you’ve achieved the shape. Keep this position, slowly tilt your head back and face the ceiling. Relax your mouth and repeat the O shape as you did earlier. Keep this position for a few seconds and relax your lips. Tilt your head down and let your chin reach your chest area. Create the O shape again and keep this position for a few seconds, before returning to starting position. Repeat this for ten repetitions.

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Tongue Press

Sit in a proper sitting position, maintain a good. Sit in a chair with a good backrest. Relax your shoulder and slowly tilt your head back until you face the ceiling. Now, place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and press on it forcefully. You’ll experience a stretch in your lower neck area, if you don’t experience this you are not pushing enough. Hold this position for a few second then lower your chin towards your chest. Keep your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth. Hold this position for a few seconds and raise your head to look straight ahead. Relax your tongue and neck muscles. Repeat these movements for about 4 to 5 minutes.


Take your thumb and press it against the skin below your jaw bone near your lower ear. Place the index finger on the opposite side of the jaw. Keep our hands still and push your neck and head towards your head. You will experience a stretch in your chin and neck area, hold this position for half a minute. Relax your hand, open and close your mouth to stretch the jaw.

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There are other ways to cover up a double chin. You can use makeup, contour the area near your jaw and chin. This will cover up your chin in pictures. You can also lose weight overall to shed off the fat in the chin area. If you tend to work looking at a computer all day, stretch every few hours. Stretch your neck area and your jaw to improve circulation in that area. If you’re a guy, you can grow a beard to hide the appearance of the double chin. Double chin can also be caused by genetics, if your parents have a double chin there is a huge chance you will develop it too. This gives you more of a reason to work out.

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