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Why Should You Take Fish Oil

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One of the fastest growing industry in the world is the production and sales of fish oil. Within the last year, the fish oil industry was able to garner 1 billion dollars in the US
alone. This supplement has been steadily growing in the ranks and is considered one of the best supplements for health. But, what exactly is fish oil and why is everybody going out of their way to acquire them? What are its health benefits? Does it really work? Today, we will go through all of the so called
claims this supplement can give and how it really works.

What is fish oil?

Fish oil is a supplement that I made by extracting fats or oils in fatty fishes such as sardines, mackerel and salmon. These fats, mostly contain heart healthy omega 3 fats. This type of fat plays a huge role in preventing inflammation, cell growth and proper brain function. This type of fat is not naturally
produced by the body, and we are required to get them from the food we eat for survival.

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Fish oils can come in liquid or pill forms. They are concentrated healthy omega 3 fats (DHA and EPA). DHA and EPA affect our health by contacting eicosanoids, a compound that is produced by the body to combat inflammation and cellular stress. Long term emergence of inflammation and stress can lead to serious mental and physical ailments.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil

Treating Symptoms of Depression

One of the most common mental disorders around the world is depression. This mental illness affects millions of adults and teenagers, and most of it is left untreated. Several studies have shown the positive effect of fish oil in treating depressive symptoms. The most prominent content in fish oil that help treat depression is EPA. Studies showed that the effects of fish oil are more conspicuous in people who suffer from severe depression than those who suffer from low depression. The study showed the relation of using fish oil with anti-depressant medication. It proved that the effectiveness of medication, therapy and supplements increased by 30%. There are other studies that showed the positive effects of fish oil in other mental disorders such as dementia and bipolar disorder, but more studies are required to have a more accurate result.

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Lower High Blood Pressure

One out of 3 adults suffer from high blood pressure, making it one of the highest cause of deaths in the world. Correcting it early one can help you lengthen your lifespan and improve your health. Recent studies have proven the positive effects of fish oil in high blood pressure. It is one of the best natural
supplements you can take to effectively fight high blood pressure. The reason as to why it is effective in treating high blood pressure is unclear, but it is believed the high
omega 3 and omega 6 helps improve cardiovascular health.

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Triglycerides and Improves HDL

High levels of triglycerides and low HDL in the blood can cause serious heart diseases. Fish oil is known to lower triglyceride level and improve HDL. Research has shown that fish oil can reduce elevated triglycerides by as much as 20%. The effect of fish oil on HDL and triglycerides can be seen after a few
months of consistent use.

Prevent or Treat Arthritis

Using fish oil can help prevent or treat arthritis. Since omega 3 fats are known to have an anti-inflammatory property, fish oils are one of the best natural supplements for this inflammatory joint disease. It is said that taking fish oil regularly can help reduce the symptoms rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

To finish everything off, fish oil is basically a healthy source of omega 3 fatty acids. This is important to prevent physical and mental problems. Fish oil was to relieve inflammation and stress on our cells. The hype of fish oil is in an all-time high, but it doesn’t mean you have to ride with the waves. You can still acquire your Omega 3 fatty acids from food, but consuming this supplement is the easiest way to do so.
There is a lot of evidence that prove the effect of fish oil. If curiosity takes over, why not try this supplement and see the benefits for yourself. Fish oil is cheap and readily accessible in most pharmacies.

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