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Tone Your Arms with No Weights

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Nothing looks better in a tank top than a well-toned arms. Who wouldn’t want toned arms? But getting them is a lot more difficult than wanting them. Waking up and dragging yourself to the gym to lift some weights can be too much of a hassle for some people. Though, weights can be the best way to tone your arms. Well, not all of us can go to the gym and use the wide arrays of weights and we all of can’t buy our different weights for home.

Don’t worry, there are ways to get toned and sexy arms without lifting a single weight. We consulted some of the top trainers about arm toning exercises without weights. Each
move below should be done for a full minute. Repeat a one minute set of each exercise three times to gain strength and tone.

Wall Push-Ups

One of the most basic exercises you can do to help strengthen your arms and chest muscles are pushups. However, this simple exercise is not as easy as it looks. This is especially hard for people with weak upper bodies. To perform this exercise properly, you need to have strong arms to support your body. Without it, lifting yourself off the ground would be close to impossible. The best exercise you can do as you strengthen and tone your arms is wall push-ups. This exercise allows you to adjust difficulty levels, making it perfect for beginners. This will help you transition to the normal push-ups more easily. To perform this workout, face the wall six inches away. Place your palms firmly against the wall, shoulder width apart. Step a few feet back and plant your feet firmly on the
ground. Start by closing the gap from the wall and stop when your face is near the wall. Engage your muscles (core, bum and arm) and inhale before you push yourself from the wall. When you get to your original position, exhale and repeat these motions for one to two minutes.

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– If this is too difficult for you, simply step back until you feel comfortable.

Floor Dips

You can perform dips using your bed or a chair, but to fully work out your arm; the best form is floor dips. To do this exercise, sit on the floor. Make sure that your knees are bent
and your feet are on the ground. Place your palms firmly on the ground, fingers pointing towards your legs. Tighten your core and glutes, lift up your pelvis until you are in the reverse tabletop. Activate your triceps and slowly lower your body by bending your arms. Stop lowering yourself before your bum
hits the ground. Repeat this process for one minute.

– If you don’t have enough core strength, you can make this exercise easier by letting your bum hit the ground and use small motions to push yourself back up again.

Half Circle Arm Rotations

Do you remember those morning exercises you do in the morning during gym? Well, it seems like those arm circles can really help tone your arms. The half circle arm rotation can help activate and strengthen your arm muscles. Start this exercise by standing hip width apart and hold your arms parallel to the floor; palms facing upwards. Cup your hands as if you are holding onto a tennis ball. Start the move by
rotating your whole arm forward. Keep your elbows locked and avoid bending your arm. Perform this
for 30 seconds and move your arm backwards for 30 seconds.

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– You can alter the move by moving one arm a beat first than the other to help engage your upper back.

X Jumps

This cardio exercise is great for toning your arm and improving endurance. Start this exercise by standing shoulder width apart. Jump up and place your arms above your head, creating an X. As you land slightly bend your knee. Perform this exercise for a minute or more.

– This exercise can be difficult and performing this for one minute is impossible for people with low endurance. Resting when you feel tired is important, but do as much as you can.

Once your muscle has gotten used to these exercises,increase your time and make it into 2 to 3 minute intervals and repeat it for 5 to 8 sets. These exercises can help give you lean and toned arms with consistent practice. A healthy diet can help increase the speed of your workout routine. Eating healthy
and performing these no weights workout can guarantee you some arms to show off before the summer.

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