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Best Christmas Nail Design Ideas

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The Christmas season is finally here which means that you’re probably thinking of what to wear on your holiday get-together. For sure, you already have an idea on what to wear and what to prepare, but what about your nails? Don’t forget to dress up your nails too to complete your Christmas spirit. There are plenty of nail art designs that you should try such as the ones below.

Christmas sweater

You might be avoiding those Christmas sweaters that your grandmother has been making but this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear those colors proudly on your nails. And the good news is that it’s not that difficult to pull off since you can use nail stamps to give your nails that Christmas feel. Start by painting the base coat first then color your nails with red nail polish. Once they have dried, roll the nail stamp on white nail polish and apply on your nails. Allow the color to dry before applying top coat and you are done.

Candy cane

Candy cane is synonymous with Christmas so why not paint your nails with some candy cane stripes? You only need three colors for this which are white, red, and green. The stripes may be a bit tricky to pull off but it will be worth it. Start by painting your nails with white nail polish then let them dry. Cut a small strip of tape and cover most of your nails except a small area near the cuticle bed. Paint this in red. Remove the tape once it has dried. You should repeat the steps while alternating colors, making sure that the red colors are thicker than the green. Cover with top coat afterwards.

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Chic icicles

Icicles are a subtle nod to Christmas and this one is easy to pull off too. Start with some gray nail polish first then leave it on to dry. Now get a darker gray and paint some icicles on the edge of your nails. To cap it all off, paint some glitter nail polish in between the dark gray nail polish and you are done.

Christmas lights

What better way to give off that Christmas vibe to your nails than painting lights on your nails? This one is easy to pull off. You will need some jewels to create the lights for this nail art. Paint your nails white first then, once it has dried, use green nail polish to draw some cables for the light. Once it has dried, use the jewels and place them on each light bulb on your Christmas light and you are done.

Glitter dipped

White manicure doesn’t have to be boring especially on Christmas which is why a bit of red and green glitter is going to work. Paint your nails with white nail polish then apply the glitter on the ends of your nails. This is actually a good choice when your manicure has been chipped. Let the glitter polish dry first before applying top coat.

Winter wonderland

Another nail art that will work perfectly with your Christmas spirit is the winter wonderland nail art. You will need some blue, white, and gold nail polish for this. Start by painting your nails with dark blue nail polish except for one nail in each hand. Paint this nail in gold nail polish then allow to dry. Once the blue nail polish has dried, draw snowflakes and a bit of snow and paint with top coat afterwards. 

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These nail art designs are easy to pull off and the best part is that they will look great in any outfit that you are wearing.


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