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Time-saving Beauty Tips

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You wake up to the buzzing sound of your phone on snooze. You’ve realized that you’ve managed to hit your snooze button 2 times, making your way off your schedule. You rush to your kitchen to prepare yourself and your family a good breakfast. You run to your kid’s room telling them to wake up and shower. You take a quick shower and find the closest set of clothes you can wear. You hop on one foot as you try to put on your pumps, while you dab on some blush. You rush out the door with your makeup kit on hand. You enter your car to take the kids to school and see how much of a hot mess you look at the side mirror. Sounds like a fun morning? A lot of us go through this routine almost every day. People are now 2 to 4 hours more sleep deprived than the generation before us and the need for sleep is immense, even if it means skipping a few steps in your beauty routine. We wake up frantic and do what we do in the morning as fast and easy as possible. This is especially hard for women, we fill different roles through our day. A mother, student, businesswoman, cook, wife, a boss and so on.

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When life becomes too frantic, we tend to spend less time on ourselves. Though, the problem with life is people still require us to look perfectly polished every day. You have to look professional and well-kept to be considered a fully functioning individual. Though, it’s not as easy as it looks. To be able to get the perfect cat eye while doing your project, essay and thesis for school before you leave home is not easy.

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This is why we devised some time saving beauty tips to get you through your busy life and shed off a few minutes in your routine.

Mixing Your Products

It’s not the most ideal way to apply your skin care product, but it sure cuts down a lot of time from your application routine. Applying facial creams, moisturizer, other topical cream and foundation can take about 10 to 15 minutes of your time. Imagine cutting them down by half. You can do this by mixing the products for one application. Start by applying the regular amount of creams, foundation and moisturizer you would use on a palette or the back of your hand. Use a clean foundation brush and mix all the products together evenly. Spread the product with the brush, don’t worry about it being too light. Once the moisturizer and other topical creams is absorbed by the skin, the coverage would be better. Though, if you really feel that the coverage isn’t enough, add on more foundation to the mixture.

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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are the ultimate time saver. How much time do you spend washing, conditioning and blow drying your hair? Thanks to dry shampoo, we can now cut down this time by half or even more. If you really find yourself in a rush and don’t have any plans of leaving the house with greasy and dirty hair then, your dry shampoo is your new best friend. Apply dry shampoo all over your roots and massage it on the scalp. Use a brush and start combing your hair. Take your blow dryer and style your hair from the roots to ends. You’re done! Cleansing and styling with just one action.

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Make Your Makeup Multi Purpose

One of the things we tend to skip when we lack time in the morning is applying on our makeup. We can speed up the process of our makeup application by using our makeup products for dual purposes. Using your mascara to act as an eyeliner, eyeshadow as contouring powder and lipstick as your blush. Using these products twice can help cut down a lot of your time. This can also help save some space in your
makeup bag.

Makeup Remover

Create your own three step makeup remover by taking some facial tissue and soaking them in the morning in rose water and coconut oil, cover it tightly. When you get home take the facial tissues from the case and place it on your eyes for a few second and use your fingers to massage it with a circular motion. This will remove all your eye makeup without causing too much abrasion in your eyes. Perform step two by wiping the tissue all over your face to remove the rest. Finish it off by using the same tissue to swipe the lipstick off and you’re done. Refill your container with facial tissue to use for tomorrow.
ave time in your daily routine with this time saving beauty tips. Share with us some of your own!

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