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Ectopic Pregnancy- Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatment

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When it comes to pregnancy complications one that should concern pregnant women are ectopic pregnancy signs. This is because ectopic pregnancy has the possibility of going from bad to worse in such a short time. Another consideration to familiarize yourself with ectopic pregnancy signs is because usually you would need the assistance of a health care professional to confirm the condition.

What is Ectopic Pregnancy?

To better understand ectopic pregnancy signs it is important to define the condition. Essentially ectopic pregnancy that is sometimes called eccysis is one of the types of pregnancy complications where the embryo is implanted outside of the uterine cavity. This is in comparison to normal pregnancy where the fertilized egg goes to the uterus and stays in the uterine lining. This is where it is expected to divide and grow.

Ectopic pregnancies usually happen within the Fallopian tube which is why it is also known as tubal pregnancies. However, implantation is not limited there since it can happen in the abdomen, cervix, and ovaries.

Failure to determine ectopic pregnancies during early pregnancy leads to bleeding during pregnancy and even death. This is why it is so important to identify ectopic pregnancy signs early on with your health care provider. The condition results in miscarriage ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy Signs Detection

One bright side to ectopic pregnancy is that it does not belong to common pregnancy complications since only 1% of pregnancies result in the condition. The detection of ectopic pregnancy signs during initial fetal development can be achieved with advanced diagnostic capabilities. The advances in diagnostic and detection techniques during early gestation unfortunately have not reduced the seriousness of health problems it can cause the mother.

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Excessive bleeding during pregnancy is one of the common ectopic pregnancy signs. This is attributed to the burrowing in the tubal lining which invades the vessels and causes the pregnant woman to bleed. The intratubal bleeding hematosalpinx causes the implantation to be expelled out of the tubal end which results in one of the types of miscarriage which is ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy and Delayed Diagnosis

It cannot be stressed enough how pregnant women should avail of regular health care checkups especially for this pregnancy complication which cannot be solved by simple bed rest. The impacts of delayed diagnosis and failure to identify ectopic pregnancy signs lead to heavy implantation bleeding resulting in higher risk for the mother.

The risk can risk a point of becoming life threatening especially if the embryo implantation happens at the proximal tube right before entering the uterus. The health problems caused by ectopic pregnancies at this point can be attributed to the possible invasion into the Sampson artery resulting in the pregnant woman to bleed heavily earlier than usual.

New treatment methods have allowed ectopic pregnancies to be resolved without surgery. Majority of ectopic pregnancies can also result in tubal abortion when left untreated. This however is not an excuse to forego of diagnosing ectopic pregnancy signs during early pregnancy with your healthcare practitioner.

Fibroids and Pregnancy

Myomas, leiomyomata, or uterine fibroids are usually benign tumors associated with the uterus muscular wall. These are considered as the most common tumors found within the female genital tract commonly affecting women over 35 years old. Classification of fibroids is based on their actual location in the uterine wall. Appearance of fibroids is increased in obese women with lesser incidence for those who exercise and have leaner bodies.

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The danger posed by fibroids in terms of ectopic pregnancy signs is that they can block the entrance of the tube into the uterus. This pregnancy condition poses health problems for the mother and places a higher risk with the ectopic pregnancy. Women who suffer from fibroids however have the chance to become pregnant again with the frequency of how miscarriages occur remaining variable.

Preeclampsia in Pregnancy Conditions

Preeclampsia or Toxemia is a condition that is characterized by high blood pressure with swelling of the hands and face as well as presence of protein in the urine after the 20th week of fetal development. Untreated, it can result in potentially dangerous conditions which may lead to the death of the mother or baby.
According to the American Pregnancy Association, there is no specific treatment or prevention associated with preeclampsia, although observing healthy lifestyle will surely help.The only known way to terminate preeclampsia is to deliver the baby regardless whether it is preterm or full term.

Approximately 25% of pregnant women bleed during pregnancy with half experiencing miscarriage. You can imagine how preeclampsia can actually worsen ectopic pregnancy. Furthermore, this pregnancy induced hypertension can blur ectopic pregnancy signs as well as result in miscarriage during early pregnancy as well as preterm labor. Sometimes preeclampsia requires cesarean delivery should the pregnancy reach full term.

Ectopic Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

It is equally important to know that ectopic pregnancy is more prevalent in women who use IUD. It must be made clear however that IUD has never been established as the cause for ectopic pregnancies. It however prevents the occurrence of uterine pregnancy which means that only ectopic pregnancy can be possible. The signs and symptoms associated with ectopic pregnancy can be divided into:

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1. Early symptoms

o One-sided or low abdominal pain

o Missed or late period

oStart to bleed from the vagina oPassage of tissue from the vagina

o signs of pregnancy

2.Late symptoms

o Dizziness and eventual fainting

o Shoulder pains

o Weakness

o Palpitations and heart racing

o Hard and bloated abdomen

It is important to make sure that once the symptoms of pregnancy has been detected that pregnant women immediately seek healthcare from professionals. It is not wise to wait for ectopic pregnancy signs to manifest themselves before getting adequate help from a health care provider.

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