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Common Fashion and Beauty Mistakes We Make

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Fashion and beauty cannot be simply defined as good or bad. It’s mostly about personal, cultural or genre preference. One person can mix and match beauty and fashion and look stylish. However, there are things that you can do that make you look too overdone.

There are a lot of mixing and matching trends, especially when it comes to the beauty and fashion industry. Looking at the runways, you’ll notice a rise in hip hop fashion and gothic, with the mix of traditional makeup from different cultures or new futuristic ones. They make it seem that you can mix anything and still look good. Though, the preference in the runway isn’t as realistic as it is when you walk your way to your commute or the fashion and makeup choices your favorite Instagram celebrity isn’t as appealing as when you’re walking around 2 to 4 hours a day. We can make a lot of mistakes by following trends and not understanding which perfectly fit our lifestyle, body and skin.

Beauty and fashion is mostly open to interpretation. Though, there are a lot of mistakes we commonly make. We’ve compiled a short list of fashion or beauty mistakes you probably are making and how you can get them out of your system.

Unflattering Fit

This is one of the most common fashion mistakes that both any gender can make, most especially women. This is due to the variety to our body shapes. There are so many body shapes that one standard one is not enough to appeal to everybody. You can look up on dress shapes that are ideal to your body shape to know which one is the best. Though, a short advice from us is to make sure that you can move properly when trying on something form fitting. If it’s preventing you from moving or breathing, then it’s not the right fit. When you start to feel the breeze inside your shirt when you move, this is a great indication that it’s too big. However, there are a lot of trendy fashion pieces that are required to look loose such as hip hop, Korean styles and the hipster trend. These trends may seem loose fitting, but they are designed to look this way. Things that are just unflattering is simply unflattering to the body.

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Overly Doing Everything

So, you’ve got your best glittery and shimmery outfit on and your blinged out accessories, you start to look like a disco ball. You top it off with an overly dramatic makeup. This look can work, but we all know the only few people that can actually pull this off are drag queens. They are queen for a reason, they rule the kingdom of Look-How-Amazing-I-Am. Obviously, not all of us can pull this off. It’s always a good thing to pick one statement piece. It can be your clothes, makeup or accessories. You can go bold by using two pieces. Nothing more, it may look good on the runway; but honey, you’d look like a Christmas tree in real life.


There are amazing people in the world that can pull of matching their makeup and fashion. We’ve seen it everywhere in the magazines and TV. Bronzed out makeup with bronzed out or golden accessories. Though, this look can only work when you mix and match a few items from your makeup and clothes and not everything. Unless you want to look like a Teletubby, then we advise you to keep it mellow with matching. Want your red dress to match your makeup? Go for red lipstick. Want a hint of your gold accessories in your makeup? Add on some gold eyeliner. You can match your clothes and accessories, and still look high fashion. Though, matching everything from head to toe, is too much.

Playing It Too Safe

A lot of women are guilty when it comes to playing it safe. Wearing something too simple matched with a no makeup look can look good in certain situations. Though, in the generation where your first impression can say everything. This is a big no – no. You want everyone to see how charming, charismatic and stylish you are. Try adding something new. We’re not telling you to let go of what makes you comfortable, but adding a bit more eyeliner or a little statement necklace can make a big difference. Fashion and makeup is a form of expression. We use this to show off our personality. Though, there will be times that this fashion and makeup can overpower the person. Keep in mind these common fashion and beauty mistakes the next time you prep your outfit and makeup.

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