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The Biggest Brow Mistakes

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The Brows! It itself can make your face. Simply fixing our brows can fix our whole face. If you’ve ever experienced just leaving your eyebrows au natural just for a month, you’ll be shocked at how much your face could change. Some people are gifted to have naturally formed eyebrows, but most of us have to go through the agonizing process of trimming, plucking and grooming eyebrows weekly and filling them in every day. We go through this process time and time again just to make sure that are eyebrows are spot on. However, all this hard work can go to waste if you commit some of the mortal sins of eyebrows below. Read on and find out the biggest brow mistakes you can make and how to fix them immediately.

Widening the Eyebrow Gap

A lot of us make the mistakes of fixing our uni-brow or removing excess hair near the gap by completely removing them or trimming them. It’s important to remove this excess hair to make the eyebrows look shapely and clean, though there is such a thing as too much. You don’t want to create a gap that a plane can use it as a runway. Overly plucking your gap to the point that you can place three fingers on the gap should be a crime. This looks incredibly unnatural and can affect the whole face. The extra space on your forehead area can make it appear too wide. The next time you plan to pluck out hair near your gap, place a thin makeup brush vertically along your inner tear duct and corner of your nostrils. Draw a line on where the brush is. Use this as a guide and stop plucking beyond the line.

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Unruly Arches

The bold and feathery type brows are the new in thing in beauty. This look is known for giving you that innocent yet bold appeal. Though, there is a difference between bold and unkempt. If your hair growth is striking different directions that somehow your eyebrow is losing their arch and is starting look like a caterpillar, then it’s time to take the tweezers out. You can maintain a good arch in your brow while making it look natural by trimming the edges with excess hair. First, brush your hair to your desired shape, use a clear mascara to help. After this, trim the excess and pluck those that are way beyond your ideal shape.

Matching Hair Color

This mostly a big problem for people that dye their hair way beyond their natural hair color. It’s been known that people should try to match their eyebrow color to their hair color to make it appear natural. Though, this doesn’t really apply to everybody. There are some hair shades that may appear way too unnatural when placed in the eyebrows such as platinum blondes, reds and light copper colors. Remember, your eyebrow and hair color doesn’t have to match to make it look good. Your brow color can be one to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color. So, consider this when filling your eyebrows. Have you ever seen someone with bleach hair with light to invisible eyebrows? This look may appear high fashion, but It’s not really acceptable in the corporate world. You can match these types of hair colors with darker ones, though it won’t appear as natural.

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Forgetting your Natural Arch

All of us have a natural arch in our eyebrow, some more prominent than others. It doesn’t mean that your eyebrows don’t have a perfectly angled arch, you can simply create one for yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and try to raise your eyebrows. You’ll be able to see a tiny hint of your natural arch. Raise your brows and look at the highest peak and use this as a guide. You can use this guide when plucking or trimming your brows. Since this is the natural growth of the brow, then you’ll know how it would naturally grow in the future. Use this as a reference If you want the brow to look more prominent. You can destroy this natural arch if you keep plucking your eyebrows in a straight line.

Eyebrows can be a difficult topic since they come in all shapes, shades and sizes. But one thing is for sure its surely important. Think about these biggest brow mistakes and try to avoid them as much as possible!

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