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Hair Care Tips for Naturally Straight Hair

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Women with naturally straight hair is the envy of others as their long tresses tend to flow beautifully compared to their wild and unruly locks. What’s more, they don’t have any problems with styling their hair because the oils from their scalp flow easily to the strands of their hair. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t experience bad hair days because, just like with other women with different types of hair, they can have some problems with their straight hair too.

For those with straight hair but seem to be having a hard time keeping it that way, these hair care tips are guaranteed to help you out.

  • Too much oil. Like it was mentioned before, the oil from your scalp can easily flow through the strands of your hair which makes your hair look greasy. The best way to solve this problem is to increase the number of showers you take per week. Washing your hair daily with mild shampoo can alleviate the greasy look. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t use conditioner too much as the natural oil from your scalp is enough to give your hair the shine it needs.
  • Use deep conditioner. Another secret to keeping your hair naturally straight is to do deep conditioning at least once a month. This helps bring back the natural glow of your hair. This can also aid in keeping your scalp and hair moist.
  • No bounce on hair. Women with straight hair often lack the bounce that others with wavy or curly hair have. This can be frustrating especially when you want to make your hair have more volume to it. Most likely you will be using curling irons, blow dry, and other styling tools and although they can add volume to your hair, they can damage the strands which can lead to more problems in the long run. The best solution for this is to cut your hair accordingly. Layered hairstyles can add volume as well as bobs. Asymmetrical cuts, on the other hand, will give your hair that sleek look.
  • Don’t brush hair while it is still wet. We often comb or brush our hair after we take a shower but experts recommend that you stop doing this as it can actually damage your hair. If you want to speed up the drying process of your hair, use your fingers to comb through your hair or a wide brush. Let your hair air dry afterwards before combing according to your hairstyle.
  • Static hair. For women living in areas that experience cold temperatures, most likely you’ve experienced static in your hair. This causes your hair strands to stand up making your hair look wild. A quick solution for this problem is to use a metal comb rather than the plastic ones that you are used to. This helps reduce the build-up of static electricity.
  • Eat the right foods. Another hair care tip that you shouldn’t forget is to eat healthy foods to preserve the natural beauty of your hair. Think vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat, and the like because they contain important nutrients that will keep your hair strong and healthy.
  • Split end woes. Straight haired women do look gorgeous but their hair are more prone to split ends than you realize. This is perhaps due to the styling tools that they use to keep their hair looking straight. Combing your hair after taking a bath or shower can damage the strands and too much heat can also make your hair brittle. You can either cut at least an inch off your hair or use deep conditioning treatments to help strengthen your hair.
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