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Is Aloe Juice the New Drink Sensation for Radiant Skin?

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A new skin care trend may take the whole new world of skin improvement to another level. Everyone is talking about the benefits of drinking aloe juice to help in improving the skin.

This slightly sour juice taken from the aloe plant may just be the answer to skin improvement. But is aloe juice really the next big thing for skin?

Aloe Benefits

Aloe is rich in vitamins and mineral, used as a herbal medicine, helps in the digestion and in getting rid of toxins. According to the author of the SuperFoodsRx Diet, it is also loaded with vitamins B, C and E and folic acid. These fortify’s the body’s immune system which is reflected on your skin.

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Furthermore she stated that if you have dry skin and other skin conditions, you can help promote healing from the inside of your body by opting for foods that are anti-inflammatory such as aloe juice. Also it is abundant in anti-oxidant which can help protect cell against free radicals that are present in the environment.

Do they really work?

However, there is no research yet to prove that aloe vera juice can help in the improvement of your skin. Yes we all know the nutritional and healthy benefits of this juice but its skin care benefits are yet to be proven.

But fans of this aloe vera juice can be rest assured that although it does not have any direct effects on the skin, any food or drink that helps in improving your overall health could greatly help improve your appearance as well.

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A doctor from the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery also said that people who are into drinking this aloe juice should avoid it if they have blood disorders, taking medications for digestive problems or diabetes. This is because aloe have blood-thinning effects and is considered to be a mild laxative therefore it can cause blood sugar drops in diabetics.

If you want to try for yourself and prove how effective this aloe juice is, you can opt to try an organic and filtered version of the juice. These are free from flavorings, sugars and any additives.

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