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Things to Avoid If You Have Psoriasis

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Do you have psoriasis? Unfortunately, it’s a skin disease that does not go away, which means that it’s something that you will have for life. And what’s even more frustrating is the fact that there is no known treatment for it.

The good news is psoriasis can be controlled — it is very much possible for it to go into remission, a respite from the signs and symptoms the skin problem comes with. But when triggered, a flare-up can strike and leave you suffering from psoriasis all over again. The key is to keep flare-ups at bay.

You may avoid doing certain activities if you want to keep your psoriasis in remission. Make sure that you turn your back on doing the following things to prevent a flare-up from spoiling the days to come:

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A Stressful Life

In this day and age, it can be extremely challenging to lead a stress-free life. But that’s okay because it doesn’t mean that you have no choice but to encounter lots and lots of psoriasis flare-ups throughout your busy life.

What you need to do is determine which stressors can be eliminated and make sure that you steer clear of them. Also, you should do your best to devote time to doing stress-relieving activities. There are so many options out there — having a massage, taking a relaxing bath, doing yoga, listening to music, writing in your journal.

Cigarette Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is bad for the lungs and heart. But did you know that it’s also a terrible habit for anyone who has psoriasis? It’s due to the fact that every drag taken by a smoker introduces thousand of toxins into the body, all of which can trigger a flare-up. Experts say that smokers also tend to have the worst psoriasis symptoms.

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If you are a smoker, do yourself a favor and ditch the habit. It’s not just a psoriasis flare-up that you can dodge from doing so, but also a number of unimaginable cosmetic and health issues!

Getting a Skin Injury

Perhaps you have noticed time and again that a lesion tends to appear near a cut, wound, burn, bump or bruise that you incur. Well, it’s because just about any form of skin injury can be considered as a psoriasis trigger.

That is why you should do your best to be extra cautious when engaging in sports, hitting the gym or going camping. Care must also be taken if shaving is your chosen unwanted hair removal mode. It’s also a good idea for you to avoid having your skin irritated because that’s usually enough to cause a flare-up.

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Not Losing Excess Weight

It’s no secret that being overweight or obese comes with a number of health complications. If you suffer from psoriasis, make sure that you keep unwanted pounds at bay. According to doctors, being overweight or obese is something that can trigger psoriasis — it has something to do with increased inflammation within the body.

Make sure that you get your regular dose of exercise to burn excess calories. Having a healthy diet is also an important factor if you want to shed off excess pounds to keep psoriasis flare-ups as well as other problems at bay.

A Poor Diet

Speaking of having a healthy diet, it’s one of the things that you should incorporate into your life if you have the skin disease. That’s because some of the things that you put in your mouth can actually cause a flare-up.

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Certain foods are known to cause inflammation that can exacerbate psoriasis since it’s inflammatory in nature. Doctors say that you should limit your intake of processed and sugary foods. Dairy and red meat are also known to trigger inflammation. Keep a food diary to make it easier for you to identify which foods are triggers.

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