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Brown Lips: How To Wear Brown Lipstick

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The brown lipstick trend is back and now is your chance to try it out! Think brown is for you?

Let’s find out if you can pull it off. Here are some do’s and don’ts to pull off that brown lipstick look.


1. Lip Liner

Outline your lips with a nude lip liner, this way you will be toning down the natural pigmentation of your lips. This will also create a base, so your lipstick will stay all day, without you worrying about bleeding or feathering.

2. Consider Undertone

Consider your undertone, when choosing the brown shade color. If you’re a cool tone, an espresso shade looks better on you. Warm-toned ladies on the other hand, will look better in a warm chestnut.


3. Gloss

You can opt to layer on a sheer gloss, lipstick, or concealer on top of the brown. This is to adjust the shade if the lip color alone does not suit you.

4. Lip Brush

Use a lip brush instead of applying the brown lipstick straight from the tube onto your lips. This is for a more precise application.

5. Mascara

Brown lips are so bold, so keep things simple on your eyes. You can skip the winged liner and shadow, but don’t skip the mascara. Apply a few coats of your volumizing mascara to help accentuate your natural lashes and open your eyes.


1. Dark Matte Lip Color

Don’t combine heavy eye makeup, overdrawn lip and dark matte lip color formulas, unless you’re going for the 90’s brown lipstick look.

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